January 22, 2010

Quirky Says I'm a Rock Star, So It Must Be True

The wonderful Quirky from Quirky is a Compliment has awarded me this:

Quirky's blog is so much fun! You should head over there right now to see what Quirky is up to. Hmmm.... Looks like today she's making a mat out of shelf liner and polished stones. Cool! Or in Quirky's words "This is the part where you ooooh and awww appreciatively. If you want to break out into spontaneous song, I'm okay with that too." Heh. Funny lady, that Quirky.

So, yes. Pay her a visit. Tell her I said hi.

According to the rules for this award I am now supposed to tell you why I am a rock star.

1. I was really tired this morning but I still got out of bed and made all my guys a healthy lunch and searched out all their hats and mittens and backpacks and work-bags and wallets and hockey-related sweaters (It's the local hockey team's theme day at school, so the boys needed their sweaters with the local hockey team's logo, or at least clothes in team colours).

2. I like to sing really loud and dance in my car. I don't care who sees me.

3. If you were here, I would buy you a coffee.

4. I have no idea what else to say.

5. This is point number five to nicely round off the list. You're welcome.

I don't know why I'm a rock star, to tell you the truth... but Quirky said I was so it must be true.

And in a shameless bid for flattery I'm going to ask you to tell me why I'm a rock star. Or tell me why I'm not a rock star if you'd rather. Talk to me people - I'm all alone and there are wolves after me.

PS "I'm all alone and there are wolves after me" is the only Simpsons' quote I will ever use on this blog, I promise. Also, I must confess that, while it's true I'm alone (singing: I'm all alone, there's nobody here besiiiide me), it is not true that there are wolves after me. In fact, there is a serious LACK of wolves here in my urban bungalow... much to my boundless delight, let me assure you.

Oh yeah! I want to pass this on to:

Erin at The Mother Load for her honesty and for having the guts to try vlogging and The Nag on the Lake for being awesome in all ways.

So, yes... Why is Melanie a rock star? or Why is Melanie NOT a rock star? Discuss. Or if you prefer discuss something else. I don't mind. Up to you.



Tracie said...

You are a rockstar...congrats on the award!....and if I was there, I would let you buy me a coffee :)

McGillicutty said...

I just stumbled on your blog and of course you're a rock star!!! You're the rock who keeps the family ticking along and you're their shining singing funny star that lights up their lives!!!!! I love the posts and will be back... McGilly

Dawn@Embracing the Ordinary Life said...

you are a rock star cause you totally crack me up

Oka said...

I stopped by through "Next Blog"

I thought I'd add some quotes to why anyone may think you are a rock start...

" You were reasonably articulate about the subject and/or visible"

"best of the best,"


You clearly have friends who think very highly of you and your blogs. You should be proud of that :D

I got those quotes from http://advice.cio.com/esther_schindler/rockstar

Erin said...

You are so sweet to pass this on to me, and I am a douche for being late to the party. I'm not around much on weekends. Thank you so much!

And you are a rock star--you were one of my first followers besides family (who is obligated) and you taught me so MUCH! I wouldn't even have followers if you hadn't told me how to add that gadget!

Quirky said...

Sorry I'm late...out of town visiting family and all that. I think you're a rock star because it's easy to see how much you love your family. And because you have an awesome blog design (over which I am totally jealous), and you make me laugh. So there. I was right...a rock star.

(BTW. Thanks so much for your flattering endorsement. Picture me waving my hands and going, "Oh, you!" while I blush with pleasure).