January 22, 2010

har har har


It is so weird when the phone rings...

from behind me...

and I'm sitting on the couch so that the only thing behind me is...

the couch cushions.

And I look around all like WTF?

And then I have to dig for it.

And I don't even LIKE talking on the phone.

That is seriously SO WEIRD.


We lost a bunch of Buddy's sweaters so we made a trip to the lost and found box at his school, which smells REALLY bad, by the way. I think something died in there.

So we looked through the lost and found and we found... wait for it!

THREE of his sweaters. THREE!

That's a lot.


And one more thing. You guys suck at telling me why I'm a rock star (see previous post if you have no idea what I'm talking about)... but I love you anyway.




McGillicutty said...

I hate the lost and found, I'd rather lose it forever than go in there!!! Although when in need of stuff for our annual fund raiser rummage sale I will ask them for the lost and found box to sell. They're often pleased to let it go!!!

Chief said...

I work at a school and the lost and found is the pit of hell

three week old lunches, smelly sock

found underwear in there once

Erin said...

The Lost and Found sound scary, but it's good you found so many of his sweaters!