January 8, 2010

All About You

I want to know more about you. The following 5 questions were compiled by a team of (imaginary) social psychologists - experts in the field of human behaviour. These questions were found, based on years of research, testing and social experiments, to be those most likely to allow me to understand who you are and what makes you tick.

I look forward to learning all about you.

You can answer the question in the comments here or at grab the questions for a post at your blog (because they are just that good, the social psychologists really outdid themselves)... If you take them to your blog, don't forget to leave a link to the post in the comments.

1. How often do you clean your baseboards?

2. What is on your bedside table?

3. Of the pictures and other decoraty stuff hanging on the walls in your home, describe your favourite. Why is it your favourite?

4. What song do you remember with nostalgia from when you were young? A lullaby? A song you danced to with your first boy/girlfriend? A solo you sang in choir? The first rock anthem of your teenage rebelion?

5. Do you think Jude Law is hotter with our without a mustache? See pictures below:



Thank you for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire. I also want to thank my team of (imaginary) social psychologists - thank you boys! (why are the social psychologists in my head all men? weird)


Just a quick blog-related note.

I had to turn on word verification for the comments. The spam bots were out of control. I apologize to my real, non spam bot, readers. I know how annoying word verification is. I hope you'll still comment.



5thsister said...

Okay, here goes!

1. Never. That's why I hire Joette.

2. Clock radio, Bible, empty wine glass.

3. A printer's drawer, hanging in my kitchen, filled with mementos of my life as wife and mother.

4. Cherish, by The Association. All the rage at the Jr. High dances.

5. Without. Most definitely.

Those evil, nasty spam bots! Leaves me "fumon" (my word verification)

Andrea (ace1028) said...

1. What's a baseboard?
2. Books, box of tissues, pair of socks, alarm clock (never use it) and old tissues. ;)
3. I guess it would be a picture of my daughter taken by a professional photographer last October. A large picture. Love it. But need to move it from the rarely used dining/play-room to the living room. So this way I can actually look at it sometimes.
4. The Flame, Cheap Trick. Used to sing it w. my BFF on her porch/stoop while listening to the radio w. her and her mom.
5. Without. Definitely without.

That was fun! Thanks. :)

Quirky said...

1. Right before I paint them, which has happened all of once in the past 5 years. (hmmmm...)

2. Lamp, alarm clock, 6 books, drinking glass, water pitcher, phone, and box of Cheez-its. (What!?! I needed a late night snack!)

3. A Van Gogh oil reproduction of Night over the Rhone in my bedroom. The colors are so vibrant...it just makes me happy to look at it.

4. Ace of Base- I saw the sign. My best friend and I loved that song! Constant repeat! I'm sure my parents were happy when that one faded away.

5. Without, definitely.

Now, I have something for you! A blog rockstar award! Come by the ol' blog for details!

wv: ungur- when you were growling about something, but now the problem has been fixed and you're no longer unhappy.

Erin said...

I clean my baseboards about every 10th of Never.

Bedside table = books, ponytail holders, some jewelry, and sometimes a glass of water.

favorite decor = small collection of birdhouses i've bought over the years

Jude is better WITHOUT a stache.

and song....hmmm...
I don't know if I have one? from childhood? Sheesh, that's hard. I skip that one.....

Mama Gayle said...


I did a blog on this.....thanks it was fun!!

Jana Burrow said...

1. You are supposed to clean them? (ok I did know that, but I almost never clean them)

2. A stack of books I want to read, a video monitor, a lamp, a box of tissues, and a figurine my husband just gave me of a mom holding a baby. Yea, it's crowded.

3. I have five pictures hanging in my guest room that go together...my favorite picture of my mom, my sister, my grandmother, my great grandmother (who is 100), and myself. It is the only decoraty thing I have put together on my own that I love.

4. Piano Man. My dad is a piano player and when he would get home from work he would unwind by playing and it was either Piano Man or Great Balls of Fire. I'm going with Piano Man.

5. With. But I am a sucker for facial hair.

This is my first time on your blog and I love it!

scrappysue said...

what's a baseboard? jude law was NEVER hot, and i'm probably gonna have to turn on my comments thingee too :(
will answer this properly when i get home!!!

Merrily Down the Stream said...

1. That is what the cleaning lady is for - not so sure she does it very often...

2. Lamp, cd player I don't use, lotion, giant pile of books and magazines

3. A pretty little giclee of a white rabbit in a black swirly strapless gown with a red rose between her ears against a red background with falling stars

4. Rockin' Robin by the Jackson 5 - 6th grade maybe? Just starting to really think about boys

5. Without - definitely!

John Deere Mom said...

1. Never
2. Lamp, alarm clock, book, lotion
3. A big sepia collage I made of favorite pics of the kids
4. This is super embarrassing, but Tub Thumpin because it was playing in the bar when I met my husband!
5. Jude Law is not hot. Period.

Julie said...

1. If I cleaned those they'd stand out against all the other dirty stuff.
2. clock, phone, chapstick, dirty socks
3. nothing really comes to mind
4. Hank Williams Sr. songs my mom would sing around the house such as "your cheatin' heart"
5. without

fun questions ...thanks :)

kys said...

#5. Neither.

I may do the rest on my blog.

blueviolet said...

1. Never
2. A lamp, stack of books, hand lotion, chapstick, alarm clock, and a phone.
3. I have two-my kids senior pictures
4. Free Bird - because it was a really long slow dance song. :)
5. I find him kinda icky.

That was fun!

Anonymous said...

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Fun Gal Julie said...

Here goes nothing......

1) I have baseboards?

2) Jewelry box, light, alarm clock, pictures, lotion, chapstick, magazines

3) My Ketubah (Jewish marriage certificate)

4) Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi. Yes, I am aware that I am dating myself.

5) Without!

So, how'd I do?

Jes said...

1. Not as often as I should.

2. Right now a stack of laundry that needs to be put away, a lamp and a couple magazines and my allergy medicine.

3. My kids' karate pictures because they look so truly happy in them.

4. We are the youth gone wild... is that the actual name?

5. Definetely without!!

Oka said...

1) I have no set time, just on the rare occasion I noticed a build up of dust or something, LOL

2)Let's see on...A lamp, an alarm clock, a box of Kleenex, and a lace dollie.

3)Any kind of family photo, you doesn't want to remember their children as they grew up?

4)Can you believe it, Jesus Loves ME

5)Without most definitely.