March 31, 2009

Blogoversary Giveaway Winners.

There were 41 comments on my blogoversary post. To be honest I expected more. I guess people are tired of blogoversaries? I don't know. Doesn't matter.

I wrote all your names on little pieces of paper closed my eyes and grabbed three.

1. Winner of a crochet hat, made by moi is Mama Wheaton who is thinking of learning to crochet. Maybe my hat will inspire her. I hope it will at least keep her head warm.

2. Winner of the Circle Sphere earrings is sAm who left me one of those lovely validating comments all bloggers crave. Thanks sAm! I hope you like the earrings.

3. Winner of the Jan/Feb issue of Crochet today, the crochet hook and the yarn is Elaine A. Elaine is one of my bloggy buddies from way back. I'm happy she picked up one of the prizes. Yay!

So that's that. I'll be emailing the winners and mailing the prizes out this week.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and commented. I wish you could all win but, alas, I'm not made of envelopes and stamps.



March 26, 2009

Here's A Question

Ah should spell like flowers and butterflies.

But you don't.

Why does spring smell like dirty socks and poop?

I mean, it just seems unfair. Now that it's warm enough to go outside, the thaw makes everything smell so very, very rank and nasty.

Just sayin'.

Is spring stinky where you are, or is that only in Canada?


March 20, 2009

Ultimate! Blog! Party!

Ultimate Blog Party 2009

Hi there!

Welcome to my blog.

My name is Melanie and I'm the Reluctant Housewife. I enjoy fine dining and sunset walks on the beach. Well, that's not important right now, is it? Let's get right down to the details so that you can feel at home.

This is me:

Things you need to know about me: My blog is my personal playground. I use this tiny cyberspace to babble about whatever is on my mind or share whatever catches my eye. So one day I might be complaining about a pregnant woman I saw smoking, the next I might share pictures of my kids and the next you might find a funny video or a great song, or I might just play a silly game. Forrest Gump might liken this blog to a box of chocolates, if he really existed that is. Which he doesn't. Just so we're clear.

I also craft. I crocheted the blanket I'm sitting under in that picture and the hats my kids are wearing in the next picture. I also make bead earrings. You can see more of my craft stuff at my other blog Lulu's Hook, or at my Etsy shop which is also called Lulu's Hook.

I have two little boys. One of the other moms at the playground recently said to me, "God only gives two boys to women who can handle it". "Pfft," I say to that, I do. I call the boys Buddy and Monkey here in blogland. Buddy is seven and has scruffy blond hair, freckles and a gap in his bottom teeth where he recently lost his tooth. The gap increases his cuteness exponentially. Monkey is four and has big chocolate coloured eyes and non-scruffy brown hair. They both have quirky personalities. Read more about them (and me!) over there <--- on the left sidebar. Here are my boys:
I also have a husband. I like my husband. A lot. Like, I like like him, you know. Sqweeeee! And the, like, thing is that, like, I think he likes me too. Oh Mah Gawd!

If you'd like a giveaway to enter (a 3 item giveaway!) and my touching (but quick to read) blog story to read AND a funny rewrite of the lyrics to Jenny from the Block by J Lo called Melly from the Blog then head on over to my Blogoversary post.

Happy first day of Spring! And Party on, Ultimate style, yo!

Oops! I forgot to add that my top 3 choices from the prizes are:
1. USC 16 — $50 gift certificate to Kristen’s Custom Creations. I love this shop. I already know what I'd buy. This. Love it!
2. USC 27 - Spanish language learning software from Life is Sweet. Hubs and I have been working on our Spanish language skills. Hubs has a knack for language and has picked it up fairly well. I can only say, "Qué passe, guapo?" and "Dos cafés con leche, por favor." and I'm not at all sure those are spelled correctly. So, as you can see, I could use some help.
3. USC 26 — $50.00 Gift Voucher to Hatley. What a cute shop! I love the rubber boots!


March 18, 2009

Lest Ye Be Judged

I hate to judge.

I really do.

But... BUT...

Let me tell you what I saw today and then you can tell me what you think.

I was at the playpark with the kids.(Aside: I used to call them 'playgrounds' until I watched Dora The Explorer a few times and now they're all 'playparks' to me. Dora got inside my brain and gave me some kind of sinister vocabulary lobotomy).

So, I was at the playpark with the kids when I noticed two women and a little boy walking through the park. The small boy was just a typical cute little kid - grin, sweater, ball cap. He was walking hand-in-hand with an enormously overweight woman. This normally would not bother me. Being chubby myself I do not make a habit of judging other people's weight issues. They had a dog with them. A big dog. The dog was running loose and bothering a group of boys who were playing a game of soccer. Pretty dog - dark fur, blue eyes - but it should have been on a leash. Then I noticed the second woman. She was tall and slim. Slim, but very pregnant, in her seventh or eighth month, I'd say - big, round, hard belly. And she was smoking.




I still can't believe it.

And, when I saw that cigarette, that's when I lost all my inhibitions to judge. I decided that these were not nice people.

What do you think? How do you feel about smoking when pregnant? If you think, as I do, that it's not something that should happen - that it's really an awful thing to do, then what do you think of smoking in a playground that's full to the gills with small children? Is that bad, too? And what about me? Was I wrong to judge?


March 17, 2009


So a few months ago I installed Norton anti-virus on my Dell. My Dell promptly died. Every time I started it up I got the dreaded blue screen. Do you remember the Sex and the City episode in which Carrie's laptop dies? She gets a little sad face on the screen that the computer repair guy calls 'sad mac'. Well the blue screen is the PC equivalent of sad mac. Luckily I was able to start it up in safe mode and backup all my files and pictures after it died, so I wasn't as badly off as Carrie.

Then my ancient, tho still working, IBM laptop started getting FAN ERRORs. It would say FAN ERROR and then shut down. On Monday, it finally gave up completely and would not start up at all. It needs a new fan before it will start up again.

I figured it was time to try to get the Dell up and working again so I tried reinstalling the operating system. The process asked me many confusing questions, like what I wanted to do about the partitions. I have no idea what I want to do about the partitions. I finally gave up because I was afraid I was just going to make things worse. So I took my two laptops to the geek squad. The Geek I spoke to told me that they would reinstall the operating system for a small fee. The new fan for the IBM, however would be a couple of hundred dollars. "Fine," I told him putting the IBM back in my shoulder bag, "fix the Dell."

So here I am. A little bit poorer, but with a working computer. Sort of. The letters are not showing up on the screen as quickly as I'm typing them and I keep having to stop and wait for them to catch up.

It was weird not having access to the internet. Really weird. When the IBM wouldn't start I realized I needed to phone Dell and IBM but I had no way of getting those phone numbers, or the number for the Geek squad, because I don't own a phone book. I look up all the phone number and other information - movie times, museum info, park locations, directions, EVERYTHING - on the internet. I also really missed my email. Gah! I felt so out of touch. Plus I promised my MIL that I would send her some links for the places were looking at for when we move to the GTA.

Well... I was only without a computer for two days but it felt much, much longer. Does this mean I'm hopelessly addicted? I think it probably does.

Ah well. I guess it comes with the territory, for such is the the way of the blogs.


March 15, 2009

The Breen Sisters

Check this out - it's a submission to Ellen Degeneres' bathroom song contest (I don't know any of the details). But I do know that this video was shown on the Ellen Degeneres Show on March 9th, 2009. I went to high school with the girl in the middle.

I think they sound great and they're adorable. Gap should totally use this in an ad.

Congratulations Breen girls!


March 13, 2009

Blogoversary Partay and Giveaway

Oh Hai! My blogoversay was actually in February. I've been putting off posting this because I meant to make a video. The video has yet to be made, though, and this is getting ridiculous. So, without further ado, I give you:

Edited to ad: I'm extending the giveaway so people visiting from the Ultimate Blog Party can enter. I'll draw the winners on Monday, March 30. Thanks everyone!


Hello there and welcome to my blogoversary celebration.

I'm celebrating big time over here... Come on in, grab a cosmo - the drink I once said I was most like because it's "pink and tasty, but surprisingly strong." Hmmm... I must have been drinking a cosmo when I wrote that. Heh. Also there's cake! Can't celebrate a blog birthday without cake! And ice cream! And a nice low fat veggie tray because we have to keep up appearances, after all.

Well. I have a song and a giveaway to share. So off you go to read the rest of the post.

My Blog Story

One year ago life was challenging. Buddy was in his first year at school, my husband was in law school, my youngest was throwing roughly one hundred and seven tantrums each day and I was doing the same thing day after day. I was feeling disillusioned with my role as family caretaker. I was overwhelmed. I was kind of bored. I was (though I hate to admit it) sort of lonely.

Then one day I was reading a blog written by Jen Lancaster, Jennsylvania. I'd read Jen's books and loved them so I decided to check out her blog. I read it, archives and all. It looked like she was having so much fun that I decided to resurrect the blog I'd started in 2005.

Well... Imagine my surprise.

I found the blogging thing hugely fulfilling. I was creating something and putting it out there. People were actually reading and commenting. I was meeting people. They told me they liked what I wrote. That I was funny. That they could relate to my experiences as a mother (and as a reluctant housewife - it's actually kind of comical how often people tell me they can relate the my blog title). It was great. It still is.

Now, a year later, I have 310 posts under my belt and some really great bloggy friends. I have tens of readers daily. TENS I tell you. But I try not to focus on the number of readers, instead, I focus on the fun I have here.

Thank you so much for reading.

Now on with the celebration!

Look at me! A year gone by

Here's a picture of me from around a year ago wearing the pink hat and scarf I made as one of my first crochet projects (left) and a picture of me from last month wearing the pink hat and scarf I made for my sister-in-law from the same yarn (right).

Oh how I've aged... Wait a second. I look pretty much exactly the same. Except I look happier in the more recent photo. Hun. Interesting.

My Vocal Debut

Look! I made a video (not). On this video I sing a song to the tune of Jenny From the Block by J.Lo. I wrote new lyrics in honour of my blogoversary. I call my version Melly From the Blog. Lyrics can be found under the video (which doesn't actually exist - so just use your imagination) if you'd like to sing along (which I encourage - sing it right out loud, you know you wanna).

But can she sing? I hear you ask. My brother once told me that I don't sing badly enough to be one of the featured really bad singers from the audition shows of American Idol. Thanks, bro! So you have my assurance (and my brother's) that I will not be bad enough to make your brain melt out your ears (I could still make the video sometime... maybe). So, on with the song:

Imagine non-existent video here.
(It is truly fabulous. I totally rock it.)

Melly From the Blog
(sung to the tune of Jenny From the Block by J.Lo)

Children grow and women producing
and they're working
ouch! Glass ceiling
Everyone's got to make a living

Don't be fooled by the year that I got
I'm still, I'm still Melly from the blog
posts - had a little, now I have a lot
No matter where I go,
I know where I blog on

Don't be fooled by the year that I got
I'm still, I'm still Melly from the blog
posts - I had a little, now I have a lot
No matter where I go,
I know where I blog on

From no readers on the list
To more than 6, to a few more, to this 46
I stay grounded as comments roll in
I'm real, I thought I told you
I'm real, but I don't know Oprah
I'm just me
Nothin' phony, at least not usually
what I am is what you read

Don't be fooled by the year that I got
I'm still, I'm still Melly from the blog
posts - I had a little, now I have a lot
No matter where I go,
I know where I blog on

Don't be fooled by the year that I got
I'm still, I'm still Melly from the blog
posts - I had a little, now I have a lot
No matter where I go,
I know where I blog on

I'm on the net like this
blogging this business
making not a buck
writing posts and loving it
my humour's got me laughing, kid
I write my blog, but the trick
is to put kids first
And don't forget to make meals!
Cause eating's like breathing!

Don't be fooled by the year that I got
I'm still, I'm still Melly from the blog
posts - I had a little, now I have a lot
No matter where I go,
I know where I blog on

Don't be fooled by the year that I got
I'm still, I'm still Melly from the blog
posts - I had a little, now I have a lot
No matter where I go,
I know where I came from

From the blogs!

My Giveaway

Oh Hai!


You want something for FREE for putting up with me for a whole year?


I can see where you're coming from there.

So okay. 3 items up for grabs:

1. A crochet hat, handmade by moi. No picture yet because it does not yet exist, but I can made a summer bucket hat unless you're from the southern hemisphere and heading into fall, in which case I'll make a beanie. Okay? Cool. Check out my hats at my crochet blog Lulu's Hook.

2.Bead earrings handmade by moi. These ones, to be exact:
Lulu's Hook Circle Sphere Earrings.

If you love them and you don't win them, they can be purchased at my Etsy shop.

3. A copy of the Jan/Feb issue of Crochet Today magazine (because I have 2) which has lots of great projects and some crochet instructions in the back, a crochet hook and 2 balls of cotton yarn.


um okay here's how to enter:

First let me say this: You don't have to leave a comment for each entry - I can see my followers. I'll know who you are.

1. Leave a comment actually commenting on something for heaven's sake. Don't just say "Just dropping in to say HI!" or "Yes enter me in your giveaway!". Communication is key.
2. Followers will automatically get one entry. So, for another entry, follow me. I'm fun. You'll be glad you did, I promise. (Disclaimer: this promise is not binding by law. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.)
3. For another 3 entries (yes 3! it's okay if you want to do a happy dance, I won't judge), grab a button from my sidebar (there are 3 buttons to choose from scattered around my sidebars) and put it on your blog sidebar and don't forget to let me know you've done it. If you already have a button, let me know! As an added bonus for grabbing a button, you'll also get to be my new best friend! #3 is all benefit, no sorrow. (See disclaimer under #2.)
4. For a further entry, blog about this post. It's a party... invite your friends. Don't forget to let me know you've done so!
5. I have nothing to add for #5. Nothing at all... I just like groups of 5.

And voila! A whole slew of entries for these handmade-by-me products. I just realized something! With that "3 more entries" thing I'll have to pull the winners out of a hat... Oh shoot, I'm making work for myself here, people. See how I adore you all? So, yes, I'll draw the winners from a hat one week from the date this post was published.


So what do you want to do now? Charades? Trivial pursuit? Twister?

Hey where is everybody going?

Thanks for stopping by!




March 12, 2009

PC Blue Menu for Healthy Meal and Snack Choices

I've been using Blue Menu products for years - since they first appeared on the grocery store scene.

When I see a Blue Menu logo on a product, I know it will probably have less fat and less sodium than similar products that are not similarly logoed.

Look for this logo.

So when I was contacted by an account executive, who shall remain nameless because his name is not important right now, offering me the chance to review some new products that PC was launching under the Blue Menu line, I said I'd be happy to.

Within minutes - well, it was days to be exact but it felt fast - a package arrived at my front door from PC.

We opened it up and found a reusable shopping bag full to the brim with blue menu products for us to try.

Look at all the free stuff! Whee!

Here's what was inside:

So there's Pretzels, coffee, seltzer (the seltzer actually exploded all over me when I opened it just like in comedy routines of old - awesome), frappa beverage of some sort, tea, soya beans, toddler fruit snacks, black bean soup, mushroom barley side dish stuff, olive oil, honey dijon salad dressing, cookies, cereal, and (yay! yay!) extra dark european chocolate.

We've tried most of the products now and I want to tell you all about them...

We liked:

Honey Multigrain Pretzel Braids. These are really good and, for pretzels, really light on the salt. Don't worry, though, you still get a salty taste and a touch of honey. They're multigrain, too, which is good from a health point of view. They're also a really good price. We finished the first bag and actually went out and spent our own money on another. I recommend dipping them in 100% just peanuts peanut butter for added deliciousness.

The Seltzer, which was lime flavour, was good. Shockingly, for a fizzy beverage, there was no sugar, no artificial flavour, no artificial sweeteners and no sodium added. REAL lime was actually used to make the lime taste. I love my water bubbly and I was delighted with this, even though it attacked me like I was all 3 of the stooges when I opened it. I will be buying this again.

100 calorie packs of ginger & lemon cookies. These are tangy and delicious. And you get many cookies for your 100 calories. These would be great and easy for school lunches and for moms. One for the lunch, one for me (you know what I'm talking about, I know you do).

And, oh yes, the chocolate. Wonderful. Hubs and I often buy the PC European Dark chocolate. The extra dark was very similar, if slightly cocoayer. Delicious. This chocolate is so rich that you only need a few squares to feel like you've had your chocolate fix (and this is coming from me - chocolate feind extraordinaire).

I was okay with:

Toddlers 100% real fruit snacks. Now keeping in mind that no one here is a toddler, we liked these. Hubs and I actually like them better than the kids, who found them a bit too tangy. Hubs wondered if young toddlers would find them too tangy as well. They might - I guess it would depend on your child. These are freeze dried tiny pieces of real fruit (in this case mango and banana). They can be easily gummed by toothless tiny people (I gummed them at the back of my mouth and Buddy gummed them in the spot where he's missing a front tooth). They taste a lot like Jolly Ranchers - sweet, fruity, but quite sour. If I had toddlers, I would buy this if they'd eat it.

I can't find the picture of it but the next product is the PC Fair Trade Coffee. Far be it from me, with my sick addiction, to dislike any coffee. But this coffee is pretty good. When I made it nice and strong (1 tbsp coffee per 1 cup of water, plus 1 tbsp extra of coffee for the pot - so if I was making 4 cups, I'd use 5 tbsp of coffee) it tasted kind of like Starbucks coffee. It's less good when it's not made nice and strong. I might buy it for days when I'm too lazy to grind my own beans (aka most days when Hubs doesn't make the coffee).

On Track plus protein cereal. The kids loved this and had it every morning. Hubby liked it, but said that it needed to soak in the milk for a little while before being eaten. I thought it lacked a bit in flavour and took a lot of chewing, but the truth is that protein is a good thing to have added to breakfast - it kept me full for much longer than regular cereal. For the first time in, well to be honest, EVER I wasn't starving at the end of my kids' swim lessons on Saturday. We would probably buy this again.

I didn't like:
Fat Free Honey Dijon. This has a very strong Dijon taste. If you like Dijon, like Buddy (who loves this), then you'll like this. If you, like me (who thinks Dijon is gak!), don't like dijon then you'll not like this.

Fruit Frappe, dairy and fruit beverage. Just weird. Like yop but without the tanginess. Like a very thin, mild strawberry milkshake. If that's your bag, though, then you'd probably enjoy this. I didn't like it. The kids, though, drank it fast and asked for more. I think it's expensive, though, for what you get and I will not be buying any.

I've yet to try the tea, the olive oil, the soya beans, the soup and the barly mushroom sidedish thing. I'll let you know what I think as I try them out.

Over all, I recommend PC Blue Menu products. If you see them take a moment to compare their nutrition labels with those of similar products in the grocery store. I think you'll find that they're lower in fat and sodium and that they're often/usually/maybe even always the healthier choice. And they're often/usually/maybe even always delicious. Give them a try. I think you'll be happy you did.


A Little Creative Help Please

Help me name the new earrings!

Check out their close-ups and let me know what you think they should be called over at Lulu's Hook.


March 11, 2009

Spring Fling Earring Winners

Winner #1 is:

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-03-11 13:07:28 UTC

#24 is Turtles in Alaska, whose occupation, according to her profile, is "Long arm quilter" (how cool is that?). Turtles wins the Cherry earrings by default because she didn't tell me which she wanted and my other winner prefers the Love and Death earrings.

Turtles wasn't sure what cover song she likes but shared that she likes Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd (is there really that many 'y's in that man's name?). I hit Youtube and found it covered by Guns N' Roses and by Jewel (gah!) but my favourite was this cover featuring Kid Rock singing and Lynyrd Skynyrd doing backup vocals and guitar (which in my mind still counts as a cover):

Winner #2 is:

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-03-11 13:26:11 UTC

#8 is Snarky A. who is gorgeous enough to look like Hally Barry according to her celebrity lookalike collage (lucky! I don't look like anyone that pretty. In fact it turns out I look like everybody who starred in Spiderman 3). Snarky wins the Love and Death earrings.

Snarky's favourite cover song is by John Meyer with his cover of Free Falling originally by Tom Petty. This is a fab cover, check it out. Thanks Snarky!

Okay... I'm off to notify my winners. Have a great day everyone!


Air Canada is Lying

I just got my Air Canada Super Saver email. The super saver is an email flyer with all of AC's latest deals.

and it sucks ass.

Today's carries the fancy catch phrase:

Fares so low you might
never go home.

I think it would be more appropriate if it said something like:

If these fares are low
you might never go home
because you could only afford
the one way ticket!


If these fares are low
you might never leave home!

or perhaps:

Air Canada, we gouge you
because we can!



March 10, 2009

Hey Followers! Earrings giveaway - don't miss out

Hey you guys! Where are you? I'm giving away earrings and the contest is open to you, too.

Go here to enter and (hopefully) win!


SITS Spring Fling

Edited to add: Contest now closed. Go here to see the winners. Thanks to everyone who participated, especially those of you who shared your favourite cover songs!

Spring is coming! Or has it already arrived where you live? It's on it's way here - things are starting to warm up a bit, but it hasn't yet begun officially - it was snowing yesterday. Of course, it begins officially next week on the 21st.

In honour of spring SITS is having a party today - a giveaway each hour at the SITS homepage and a Mr. Linky to all the SITStah's giveaways as well. Yay.

I'm giving away some Lulu's Hook Earrings:

Cherry Earrings

Love and Death Earrings

The giveaway is open to everyone. Leave a comment and share your favourite cover song (because I love cover songs) and let me know which set of earrings you want. I'll draw for the winner when Spring Fling is over and email the winners (so make sure I have your email address). Good luck everyone!

And happy Spring Fling!


March 9, 2009

This Weezer Video Gives Me An Excuse to Share More Videos From YouTube

This video for Pork and Beans by Weezer features a bunch of YouTube celebrities. Check it out. Do you recognize them?

I love it. So much fun! How many internet sensations did you recognize?

Here are 3 favourites of mine who were featured in the Weezer video:

The Numa Numa Guy: I'm sharing his New Numa video here. If you'd like to see the original Numa Numa video (I do the same thing driving in my car), click here.

The Daft Hands. If you haven't seen this before, note that it starts out a bit slow. Watch it the whole way through to see the hands' mad moves as the lyrics start coming faster and faster. Seriously, it's great:

The Daft Bodies. Same as the hands, but using entire bodies. How many bodies does it take to encompace all the lyrics to Harder, better, faster, stronger by Daft Punk? Two. I love the little dance routine during the instrimental bit. See it here now:

And for a list of all the references in the video, check out the song's Wikipedia entry, natch.

Good times. Good times.



March 8, 2009

Check this out

Joshua Jackson's new movie looks great:


March 5, 2009

Who Does Hubby Look Like? The Results Are In!

Here are the results of the Who Does Hubby Look Like? game in handy-dandy pie chart form:

It's hard to read the section titles, isn't it?

Let me help ya out:

Green is Neil Patrick Harris, whose name I spelled wrong every single time I used it in the original post (yay! go me!).

Purple is David Hyde Pierce

Mustard (because, dude, that ain't yellow) is 'Neither, all humans are as unique as snowflakes'.

Brown is 'Both!'.

And Indigo, which isn't on the chart because it has a value of 0%, is 'Other' and 'I don't care'.

So there you have it. We have a clear winner.

Hubby looks like David Hyde Pierce!

I think you're right! He kind of does, doesn't he?

So that's it for the Who Does Hubby Look Like? game.

But, because I understand that you never want the fun to end, I give you:

Celebrity Lookalikes
The Silly Hat Edition!

Who Does Hubby Look Like?
Tyra Banks? Bwah hahaha! And, with the exception of Adam Sandler, I have no idea who the rest of these people are, although I've heard a few of the names before.

Who do I look like?
Yes, I MUST agree - I look exactly like Kirsten Dunst and Topher Grace. Interestingly, I see from google that Topher Grace played Eddie Brock in Spiderman 3. Kirsten Dunst was, of course, Mary Jane in all the Spiderman movies. Coincidence? No. I admit to you now that I actually played all the characters in the Spiderman movies. The most fun to play was Doctor Octopus, I loved using those arms!

So that's all for today, folks. Thanks to everyone who voted in the Who Does Hubby Look Like? game.


March 3, 2009



Grad School Update

I just got an email telling me I've been accepted to the Masters of Information Studies program at U of T for next year.

I saw the message in my inbox and, because I didn't recognize who it was from and it started with the word 'congratulations', I thought it was probably spam. I opened it up, read what it said and then my heart stopped beating. Luckily, it started up again a few seconds later, so I'm not dead or anything.

A few years ago, I applied to a bachelor of education program at a small local school in NB. I was rejected. It was a blessing in disguise because I don't actually want to be a teacher, I just felt at the time that it would be something to do career-wise, and I figured I'd have summer and Christmas holidays off (stupid reason to choose to be a teacher, eh?). But, because of that rejection, my confidence in my abilities to get accepted to any program, anywhere (much less a graduate studies program at the Country's top school) took a huge beating.

So, taking that into account helps give a picture of how happy and excited (not to mention terrified) I am right now. I'm so excited. I can't even describe it.

I'm going to go jump up and down and scream now... and then I think I'll throw up.