February 28, 2009

Finally! Proof.

Buddy tries to entertain while Monkey cracks jokes, followed by his big belly laugh at the end.




Hubby to Buddy: No pretending you don't have a head. I don't want you running into things.


February 27, 2009

Penguin Day Update

Here's the little penguin this morning - all dressed up and ready to go:

All dressed in blue to look like his favourite penguin - a Fairy Penguin.

Fairy Penguins

He's even got his penguin t-shirt on.

I hope he has a great time at the Penguin Party!


February 26, 2009

How I Saved Penguin Day

Monkey's class has been studying penguins. Yesterday I had a notice that there's going to be a penguin party tomorrow. The kids are supposed to dress up as their favourite penguins.

Monkey's favourite penguin is the Little Blue, or Fairy, penguin

How cute are they? They're the smallest penguins in the world.

I told Monkey he could wear blue clothes tomorrow to be a Fairy penguin. He asked if I could make him a mask. I said I'd make him a hat. So last night I sat down to design a penguin hat. Want to see the results?

Monkey, meet little blue - the penguin hat.

That's one happy penguin.

Not a bad match, if I do say so myself.

He's so excited to wear his hat to the penguin party tomorrow.


February 25, 2009

Fun For the Whole Family!

Let's play Who Does Hubby Look Like?.

This game has been enjoyed by millions of international people internationally and now I'm bringing it to you, here at Adventures of the Reluctant Housewife!



For years now, there has been an ongoing debate among those who know and are friends with Hubby. It is this: Who does he look more like - Neil Patrick Harris (who plays Barney on How I Met Your Mother and who played Doogie Howser MD back in the day (I loved Doogie Howser!)) or David Hyde Pierce (who played (plays? is that show still on?) Niles Crane on Frasier).

'Well, I never!' aside: Apparently Hubby only looks similar to people who go by three names.

Now I'm asking you, oh internet, to settle this question once and for all:

Who Does Hubby Look Like?

Step one in our little game: Let's see what Hubby looks like.

He looks like this:At least that's what he looks like in a semi-dark room, lit by orangy tungsten light, when I've caught him by surprise and snapped a picture of him with my cell phone.

And because David Hyde Pierce and Niel Patrick Harris are wearing a suit and tie and their pictures (apparently no one told them this game is casual-wear only), here is what the husband look like in a suit and tie:
At least that's what he looks like when I use a picture that was taken from across the room and then edit it into a head-shot so that it's all blurry.

And here's what those other guys look like:

Niel Patrick Harris
David Hyde Pierce

Okay now that we have all the relevant information - let's play!

All you have to do is click your answer in this handy-dandy survey doohickey.

Have at it!

Thanks for playing! Results in about a week.


February 23, 2009

Frivolous Thought Bubble

Oh Hai! Are you still here? I'm so glad.

I'm watching season 3 of Lost right now - I haven't seen what happens later (and please don't tell me) but I can tell you one thing.

I know why Kate has chosen Sawyer over Jack.

It's the dimples.

I mean... how could you resist the dimples?

Or it might be the bad boy thing.

Just sayin'


February 20, 2009


By Canadian hip-hop artist K-Os.

Ticka-ticka-tock, ticka-ticka-tock... Time to go get Monkey at school.



February 19, 2009

Ladies Man

When I picked Monkey up at school, he and I were waiting for his class to file past so that we could walk to the car.

The last little girl in line noticed him standing with me and said, "Bye Monkey! I love you! You look very handsome."

At the car, as I buckled him into his seat, I asked, "Who was that?"

Monkey said, "Sally."

"Is she your friend?"

"No she not."

What a little lady killer.


February 17, 2009

This is A Wall Frame

This is going around Facebook like the plague. Copy, paste, voila! Instant blog post.

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, and/or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

1. I think I look better without make-up.

2. I do my craft stuff at a $25.00 Ikea table in my living room. It holds all my bead stuff and my laptop computer. Underneath I have two 40cm soft planters, also from Ikea, which hold my yarn stash. The set-up makes me happy.

Yarn stash.

3. I have strong opinions about politics and religion but I don't like to talk about them. I don't mind if other people's opinions differ from mine.

4. I get restless when I don't have a few books on the go. I'm usually reading at least three.

5. I love cover songs. I often like covers better than the original song. Not sure why that is...

6. I'm trying to come to terms with the fact that any space my family inhabits will inevitably be cluttered. We're not very organized or tidy. There's a difference between a space looking comfortably lived in and a dirty space... Just because we have a bunch of books and toys laying around doesn't mean we're not clean.

7. Now that I'm in my thirties, I acknowledge my potential. I spent the first 30 years of my life underestimating myself and selling myself short.

8. I'm allergic to cats. I get hives. Hives are itchy and unsightly. Cats are not my friends.

9. I like winter more than summer. I like snow. I don't like heat.

10. I've met some wonderful people through blogging. There's an enormous community of moms who blog. They're a caring and supportive bunch. They're also internet geeks. Like me.

11. I write most days, but I'm not writing a book.

12. I don't like to cook. People are often surprised when I tell them this. I'm not sure why they're surprised. I'm also not sure why they always ask me if I like to cook.

13. My brother tells me that people find the way in which I eat hot cereals (oatmeal, creme of wheat, etc...) weird. I eat them with toast and peanut butter. I like to dip the toast in the cereal. It's very tasty. Maybe it is weird, but I think it's much weirder that my brother talks to people about how I eat hot cereals.

14. I don't really understand people. I find them, unless I know them very well, extremely hard to talk to. I'm often painfully self-conscious when I meet new people and, as a result, I come off as awkward and wooden. Naturally, people LOVE me immediately. Yeah. Not so much.

15. Because I'm always trying to figure people out, I'm very aware of body language and I'm very good at reading it.

16. I think I'm a geek, but the online nerd/geek/freak quiz said I'm a nerd. Now my personal identity is all screwed up. Tragic.

17. I married my high school sweetheart.

18. My kids are delightful. Right now they're running around the house shirtless, in touques and bead necklaces, playing some kind of imaginary warrior game.

19. I like birthday cake. I think my love of birthday cake will someday save the world. Well... not really.

20. I once owned a broken wind-up clown doll. When you wound it up it played strange frantic, discordant music until its head flew off. It was freakin' hilarious. I wish I'd kept it.

21. I don't like furniture sets. Furniture that is too matchy-matchy gives me a pain.

22. I love coffee. I have to be reminded to drink water.

23. I love to dance and sing but I'm not good at either.

24. I love to make people laugh.

25. I'm usually kidding.

Good to know, don't you think?

Questions? Comments? Want me to elaborate on anything? What's new with you? Let's chat!

Also... if you follow the blog I tag YOU to do this too. If you do, don't forget to let me know.



February 15, 2009

hey guess what

You know how Buddy got a guitar for his birthday?

I just taught myself to play Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes.

So. Much. Fun, the guitar.



February 13, 2009

Mission Not Accomplished

Today I tried to get a nice picture of Buddy in his Valentine's Day hat, which he made at school yesterday.


Well at least you can't say I didn't try.


February 12, 2009

Write On! Blog Proud

In response to seriously uncool treatment at the hands of The Times On-Line, Kelly at Don Mills Diva is calling on bloggers to stand up and declare their awesomeness: "I think everyone out there who blogs with passion and with creativity and with skill should speak up and declare themselves a Writer with a capital W. I think it's time that all bloggers, especially daddy and mommy bloggers (no, I don't resent that term - I embrace it) should demand the respect that their traffic, their influence and their talent commands."

Click over the DMD's Write On! post to grab the button and to find a list of proud bloggers' Write On posts.


I have an enormous case of blogger inferiority complex.

Take Kelly, for instance. Kelly is amazingly honest at her blog. Her posts are well thought out and heartfelt. She shares her life and she shares herself. She's an amazing woman - accomplished, intelligent, open, big-hearted and strong. Kelly deserves respect, no question.

But do I?

I don't tend to share enough of myself here at this blog - the blog that is supposed to be about my life. There's not much heartfelt going on around here. I'm way too shy. I hide behind my humour and I avoid showing you the REAL me. Really, this blog is my personal playground and I don't want too much sadness or struggle hanging around in my playground. I get down sometimes. I fight with my husband sometimes. I get frustrated with my kids. I often feel isolated and lonely. And I feel guilty for those negative feelings because, really, my life is wonderful. I'm grateful for what I have. But I don't often talk about any of that. Instead I link to videos that amuse me and write cute little captions to go with pictures of my kids. I think this reluctance (natch) to share all of myself online is the reason I can't seem to break the 40 readers barrier. I average 30-40 reader/day and I have for 9 months, or so. My blog seems to be unimportant in the grand scheme of the blogosphere. My voice is tiny and distant and not really saying much of anything.

I've always been like this. This blog inferiority complex is directly related to my personal inferiority complex. I tend to think the things I do are less important than what everyone else is doing.

I'm angry at myself about this. I mean seriously pissed-off. I've spent the first 30 years of my life selling myself short and assuming I wasn't good enough at what I was doing to work hard at it; that I wasn't talented enough to bother trying. I've never worked hard towards anything (that is, until the past three or four years when I've been working hard towards a lot of things - grad school, blogging, crafting, parenthood, self-respect, autonomy, etc...). I'm a moron, basically. And a bit of a jerk. I'd like to tell that little self-doubting voice in my head to sit down and shut up already. I'd like to go Kung Fu Panda all up in its grill.

So, since Kelly invited me to do so, let me drop my inferiority complex for a minute. Let me also drop my in-born Canadian reluctance to crow about my own accomplishments. Let me, for just this one post, BLOG PROUD.

I mean - look at me.

I'm doing stuff. REAL stuff.

I blog. I've written over 300 posts, some of them even have words and thoughts and paragraphs and things. Some of them are really funny. Some of them are even heartfelt. They all took time to put together. They took effort. I've also put a lot of thought and effort into the look and layout of the blog. I've nurtured it. I love my blog. I'm proud of my blog and the 13 months I've been self-publishing. I think my blog is entertaining, lighthearted, joyful and funny. I think it's worthwhile and, yes, important.

I create. I make crochet stuff and bead jewelry. I taught myself to do these things. I also created two brand new human beings. Tell me these things aren't awesome.

I'm smart, funny, quirky, creative and, yes I AM accomplished. I might not have big traffic or influence but I do have talent. I have talent in spades. And sadly this is NEWS to me.

I've been wasting my potential. And I'm declaring right here, right now, that I'm done. I'm not going to sell myself short anymore. I'm going to hold my head up high and be proud of what I can do and what I'm doing. I'm just as good as everyone else.

And it's about time I realized it.

So, yes, I will

Write on And Respect the Blog!

Thanks, Kelly!


Rock Star in Training

Those of you who've been hanging out here with me for awhile know that Buddy wants to be a rock star and has ever since he was three.

We just celebrated his 7th birthday. We had a party at home and baked a cake together and then he celebrated with his best friends at the local science museum. The museum party had a Space Explorer theme which involved exciting experiments with liquid nitrogen and an explosion; all followed by chicken fingers and ice cream cake. Wow, right?


For his birthday Buddy wanted guitar lessons and he had his first one yesterday.

People, it's official. My Buddy is a rock star in training.

Happy Birthday Buddy!


February 11, 2009

Shameless Plug for Funk Giveaway

Hi there.

The delightfully named B over at Simply B, Simply Me is in a funk.

Normally this wouldn't be good news but this time it is.


B is hosting a giveaway to try to get over her funk. She's giving away an adorable hand bag that she made with her very own B hands (and possibly a sewing machine). The colors on this handbag are gorgeous. It has nice long handles that will fit perfectly over your shoulder. It's great.

Head over and give her some love to cheer her up. You might just win a handbag!


February 10, 2009


Cross your fingers for me. I just got this in my email:

Dear Melanie,

This notice is being sent to inform you that all of the required documents for your application to 'Master of Information Studies' have successfully been received. If you log into the SGS system, you will see that your application is now pending a decision.

If you have any questions, please contact the graduate unit to which you are applying.


The School of Graduate Studies


Smile, smile, smile


February 4, 2009

Kind of a Bad Week

So far this week:

- stomach flu
- ear infections
- fever
- missing school
- missing work
- absence from blogs
- painful stepping upon of legos
- a visit to the doctor
- and just now? I was fixing some Campbell's soup and it splattered into my eye.



Oh expletive.