January 31, 2009

A Couple of Fab Giveaways!

Check out this HUGE giveaway at Confessions of a Yummy Mummy. $200.00 worth of stuff to help you get organized. Amazing. Fun! Don't miss out... head on over there now.

Do you sew? Aunt Spicy: Adventures of a Reluctant Crafter (love the name) is giving away lovely fabric and a really nice sewing book for her blogoversary.


January 30, 2009

Brothers of the Camouflage Hat

Yesterday I was snapping some pictures of Buddy in his new camouflage touque.

When Monkey noticed I was taking pictures of his brother (without him!) he grabbed his doggies and jumped into the frame.

I love the results.

Two boys. Two hats. Four dogs (stuffed). It doesn't get any better than that.

PS: If you took pictures of my heart, I'm sure the pictures would look just like these.

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January 29, 2009

How Uncouth!

I just read a post at Don Mills Diva. You should read it, too. Apparently Kelly (the Diva) was quoted in The Times On-Line in an article called Danger online: Perils of revealing every intimate moment.

According to Kelly: "I feel furious because I was never interviewed for the story and had no idea I even appeared in the story until my daily Google Alert for Don Mills Diva lead me there." Apparently, The Times On-Line quotes from an interview with Kelly which first appeared in the Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail and from her blog. And they don't credit her or the other newspaper.

How Uncouth!

Head over to DMD and read all about it!

Note: I quote from Kelly here, too, and without her permission. But at least I credited her. And I'm not a newspaper, I'm just a... a... Hmmm... Not sure what, but it should be really funny (you fill in the blank).


Winter Wonderland or Frozen Fright?

Icicles worry me. Last year, in our old hometown, icicles were everywhere. Check it out here.

This year icicles have followed me home and are watching me through my bedroom window.

View from my bedroom window.
That big one is around 10cm across; this picture doesn't do it justice.

They look deadly to me. And they can be, just look at this article from CityNews.ca.

Anyway. Here's some more pictures of the frozen world that lives outside my windows:

The ice shelf that lives on the roof over my back door. It's what the enormous icicles outside my bedroom window are hanging from.

More icicles.

The stairs in my backyard completely buried in snow.
This picture doesn't do the depth of the snow justice. The stairs are 4 steps high. The snow is even with them (and piled on top). That's pretty deep.
Luckily we don't use our backdoor, rendering the death-icicles hanging over it harmless.

Backyard again. The lump is what's left of a snowman we built months ago.

The boys' window. Look at the pile of snow on the sill.

Trees in front of the house.

Up the street. The snow is piled higher than the cars are tall.

So, what do you think? Is it a winter wonderland or a frozen fright?


January 28, 2009

I Love You. You Are Boob.

I cleaned off my desk the other day and found this:

According to the wee boy who gave it to me it says "I love you Mom! You are beautiful." Which is very sweet.

Although I have to admit "You are boob." is probably much more accurate.


January 27, 2009

My Moose has Conference Facilities Does Yours?

No idea where this is. No idea why anyone would want to go to a gift shop that is located between the teeth and the tonsils of a gigantic moose. No idea. But is is nicely weird, don't you think?


January 26, 2009

A Song to Cheer Me Up

This is me today:

I need something to cheer me up.

How about a song?

1 2 3 4 by Feist. She has the best videos. So much fun.

But do you know what? That didn't quite do the trick. I need something funny.

I love this. It's Leslie Hall and the LYs with their song This is How We Go. Best line? "You get me hotter than a stick of hot glue and I'm scrapbookin' everything with you." Bwah ha ha! If you are confused and thinking what the hell was that? you can read my post about Leslie, The Story of an Extraordinary Internet Diva, here. And xoxo to you if you do. I love that post.

Okay that cheered me up a bit. I can't help but smile. Lady flips. Ha!


One more funny.

Now I'm chuckling away to myself. Baby Got Back Gilbert and Sullivan style - so delightfully absurd. Warning: You will find yourself singing this in public - it's kind of catchy.

I hope you're having a better Monday than me!


January 24, 2009

Our Family by Monkey

That's Monkey's picture of Buddy, himself, Me and the husband. See how skinny I am? Talk about your rose coloured glasses!

Quite the little artist, our Monkey.


The Good Lovelies

The Good Lovelies with their song Lie Down.

I heard them on the radio the other day. Don't they look like they have fun together? Nice song, too.


January 23, 2009

Gifts From the Other Side of the World

I recently won a giveaway at Sue's blog My Home Wellingtontown. Head over there and pay Sue a visit, she's having two huge giveaways to celebrate her Blogoversary (it seems like she's always having a giveaway - she's kind of rockin' like that)!


The giveaway I won was one Sue held with the announcement of her plans to celebrate her wedding anniversary with a trip to Europe and the U.K. I correctly guessed who she was going to drop in on in England - our mutual bloggy friend Sass E-mum from One Strangely Lush Mother. I admit I had a bit of an "in" in this contest because I've been reading both of these great bloggy ladies for almost a year now.

Today the package from Sue arrived. Inside I found:

An adorable card which Sue, being a complete scrapbooking diva, obviously created herself:

Nice, eh?

A sparkly heart-shaped ornament:

And a fun I Heart Wellington T-shirt:

The shirt does indeed fit, Sue. It's great. I'll probably wear it at the gym. I know I'll rock out to Zumba in an extra superfly way in this shirt.

Thank you!

PS: I'm glad to have you as my blog friend, too!


January 22, 2009

Heh. And Then Some


Mommy! Take a picture of me like this!


Sue's Blogoversary Giveaway

My good bloggy friend ScrappySue is celebrating her blogoversary with two giveaways!

I totally stole this from her blog! Hee!
I'm so bad.

Sue is fabulous in everyway it's possible to be fabulous so head on over to her blog, My Home Wellingtontown, and give her a little blogoversary love! And don't forget to tell her I said hi.


January 21, 2009

A Quick Bloggy Update

Hi there y'all!

I've been away for a few days, but I've not been idle. I've set up a shop at Etsy. My Lulu's Hook blog has a new (and much improved, I might add) look that matches the Etsy shop. Check them out and let me know what you think (feedback is so important).

Don't forget my Blogoversary is coming up. I'm planning a spectacular party with a giveaway (or possibly more than one!), a party post and a song that I'm writing for the occasion (to the tune of Jenny from the Block by JLo, natch (I call it Melly from the Blog)) which I plan on embarrassing myself by singing on video just for you.

The other thing I've been up to is designing blog buttons. They're just the thing you need to dress up your blog! Grab one on the sidebar or, just because I love you and I want to make things easy for you, RIGHT HERE. Just grab the code from the little box, go to your blog and click Customize and click Add a gadget. Find the HTML gadget, click it and paste the code into the big box, click save and there you go - your very own Housewife button. Yay!

Reluctant Housewife Button

Housewife Appreciation Society of America

Clean THIS Motha Bloggas

Lulu's Hook Button

Good times, good times.

Seriously, though, that was a lot of work.

Why do I do it?

Just because I care... About you. Yes, you.

Buh bye for now!


January 19, 2009

January 15, 2009

Monkey of the Giant Personality

My Monkey has a giant personality. It is so big it almost doesn't fit inside his tiny little body.

Part of his giant personality is a giant sense of humour. Monkey loves to make people laugh. Being a four year old boy, he specializes fart jokes, poop jokes and bum jokes. He has an enormous belly laugh and he uses it freely.

"Monkey," I'll ask, "have you brushed your teeth yet?"

"Fart!" he'll answer, "Ah ha ha ha ha!"

It can be frustrating, but that belly laugh is hard to resist.

Along with that giant personality comes a lot of drama. Monkey had truly terrible twos. He threw tantrums several times a day. Now Monkey has calmed down quite a bit, but he still takes things too much to heart. His emotions often seem to be too big to keep inside. He wants to be good at everything and when he can't seem to figure something out he gets so frustrated he stomps around, arms flailing, "I can't do it!". When I have to discipline him, it breaks his heart. If I tell him I'm upset with him he cries big crocodile tears, "I sorry Mommy! I so sorry!" He demands attention and will repeat my name over and over and OVER until I give it to him.

With Monkey's great big personality comes love. Monkey is exceptionally caring. He shows impressive empathy for someone so small. He comforts others when they're sad or hurt. He hates to be the cause of upset. He loves people and he's a natural charmer so people usually love him right back. He gives the best bear hugs and loves to snuggle. He loves animals and cares vigilantly for his stuffed toys. He really is such a little love and a joy to parent.

Life with Monkey of the giant personality is sometimes challenging, but it's never dull and it's always rewarding.

I hope he never changes.

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January 14, 2009


I just learned the following from a BBC Science & Nature Careers quiz:

Your results suggest that Realistic type work is less likely to suit your interests.

Realistic type work?


I am indeed not suited for that.

Not. Suited. At. All.


In fact. I'm not suited for anything realistic. Including reality.

So what type of work does it think I'm suited for? Artistic, social and enterprising.

Hmmm... so then something like, say... Blogging?


Too bad it I don't make a penny doing it.

PS: The quiz also said I was unsuited for conventional type work. Yeah. I'm unsuited for all things conventional. Including conventions.

What about you? Take the quiz here.


All the News That's Fit To Meh

It's cold today.

Which might not be a surprise considering it's winter n'all and I live in Canada (and not on the West coast) n'all.

But, I mean, like, It's REALLY cold today. Newsworthy type cold. It's -39C (with wind chill). For those of you who follow Fahrenheit (I don't know how you can - I can't figure it out) that's... Like OMG! It's, like, practically the same damn temperature! Crazy! -39C is (wait for it... wait for it...) -38.5F. And that's cold. Am I right? (The valley girl is strong in this one mmmm yes. Shop with you she will mmmm yes).

In this kind of cold, you take a deep breath and your nose hairs freeze. In this kind of cold, you find your car is covered in snow - even though it's parked in the garage. In this kind of cold, children arriving at school are rushed inside so that their noses don't freeze and fall off.

It's cold.

THIS JUST IN: Boys are like puppies

We were invited to lunch with a nice couple Hubby knows from work. And by "we" I mean Hubby, me AND the kids.

The nice couple don't have children. The nice couple, I'm fairly sure, have never met children before.

We were trying Dim Sum for the first time. The nice couple are Dim Sum experts. It was their thing to go for Dim Sum brunch every Saturday. I was excited to try it. And it was great. We sat at the table and the waitstaff came around with carts of delicious looking food and we picked out the dishes we wanted to try. The kids were not very impressed with the food, but they were well-behaved. The adults enjoyed adult conversation, some of which I managed to follow in between helping the kids with the food and reminding them to use utensils and to not yell, jump up and down, sing too loudly or run around the table - you know, the usual kind of restaurant reminders. Near the end of the meal the boys started to get a little antsy. I suggested that it was time to go, before they reached full-out energy explosion mode.

As we were getting ready to leave the boys were hopping about, hanging off of Hubby's arms, giggling and joking around. The girl half of the nice couple watched them with confused amusement. She was obviously trying to figure them out. What are kids like? As she watched the boys leaping about and rolling on the floor, recognition dawned on her face.

"Oh!" she said, "they're like puppies!"

And in other news...

I arrived home from dropping the boys off at school. I grabbed a second cup of coffee and sat down in my chair (the one in my work area) and put my feet up. I picked up my computer and settled it in my lap (a true laptop). Around me - mess and unfinished projects, but right now I'm not concerned with that. Right now I'm blogging.

All is right with the world.

Have a great day everyone!