December 7, 2009

Ask The Reluctant Housewife - Favourites and Dreams Edition

My family just left for school and work, or where ever it is they go everyday, washed, fed, dressed with lunches and mits and hats and waterproof outer layers.

Whew! That was a lot of work.

Now I'm going to take the time to answer the rest of your questions from Ask The Reluctant Housewife. It's been so long, you probably forgot what you asked so it'll be a fun surprise for everyone. Whee!

Elaine from The Miss Elaineous Life wanted to know:

What celebrity would you LOVE to do lunch with?

TJ Thyne. I have a huge crush on him. It's nearing fan girl status.

For that reason, I'm not sure my husband would be 100% happy about me having lunch with TJ Thyne. So maybe I should choose someone else, out of respect for the sanctity of my marriage.

I think that lunch with Margaret Atwood might be fun. Have you ever heard her interviewed? She's so witty and intelligent and she's such a character, I think she'd make an excellent lunch date.

I also think lunch with Rick Mercer might be fun, I'm a fan.

Stephen Colbert and John Stewart. I like funny people and they are funny people.

I'd also like to have lunch with you. When are you free?

Loukia from LouLou's Views, who is also nominated for a Canadian Blog Award in the Family Category (go and vote for her and, while you're over there, don't forget to vote for me! Yes you can place a vote for both of us. Yay!), wanted to know:

Where is your favourite place to shop?

I have fairly pedestrian tastes when it comes to shopping. For clothes I shop at Old Navy, The Gap, Banana Republic (rarely), Winners and (don't judge, we don't have Target here) Walmart. For house stuff, I shop at Ikea, a really great storage stuff store called Solutions, Sears, and (don't judge me) Walmart. For food, I shop at Loblaws, Superstore, Independent, T&T, The Produce Depot and (every so often) a fancy bakery or the farmer's market.

They're all my favourites... I just like to shop.

What is currently your favourite song?

I have such a hard time choosing a favourite song. Lately I've been listening to the songs from Glee on YouTube while I clean. They're a lot of fun. I wouldn't say they're my favourite songs, though. Hmmm... I don't have a favourite song. Feels like a cop-out, but it's the truth.

What was your favourite childhood movie?

This one is easy. My favourite childhood movie was and is The Goonies.

Erin from The Mother Load, who just had a fab blog make over (go and check it out), asked:

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

I would do exactly what I'm doing right now, except without the constant worry of failure. That would make my life easier, let me tell you.

Have you ever had anyone post any not-so-nice comments and/or had to block anyone from your blog? I've always wondered what to do if/when that happens.

Yes, I had a blog smack down with the folks from Ask and Ye Shall Receive. What did I do? I fought back in a way - I talked to them calmly until they put down their pitchforks and torches and went home. I'm no push over. You can read what happened in the comments on my post My Blog is Boring and on two of the posts following it, if you're so inclined.

I've never had to block anyone, no. People are usually very nice in the comments and my blog is pretty dull, really, there's nothing here to incite strong negative feelings. People who don't like it just don't read it, I guess.

And if you had an extra $5,000 lying around, what would you do with it?

An extra $5000? I guess I'd put it towards student loans. See what I mean? - boring! heh

Working Mum from Working Mum on the Verge asked:

What would you do if you won the lottery?

Nothing very different. I'd probably buy a little house in the same neighbourhood I'm renting in now. I'd renovate it, too. I'd also do some travelling - we'd take that walking vacation in England, we'd probably take the kids to Disney, we'd go home to see the family more often. I'd give some to charity. I'd give some to loved ones. I'd invest it wisely. That's about it.

Jen from Buried With Children wanted to know:

Who would you like to have over for dinner?

Having people over to your house for dinner is quite different from having a lunch date with them, isn't it? I'm not much of a cook, to tell you the truth, but I guess I'd like to have some of the friends I've made blogging, but who I have yet to meet in person, over to dinner and get to know them face to face. Don't worry, ladies, I'll order take-out!

What would be your last meal?

Oooh, fun question! Hmm... Coffee, cheesecake, cheeseburger with tomato, lettuce, pickles, ketchup and mustard and fresh-cut french fries, Ben & Jerry's, more coffee. In that order.

Would you run naked during a packed baseball game for $1000?

I want to say yes and prove that I like to live dangerously, but the truth is I probably wouldn't.

Mamma Karebear from The Ramblings of a Crazy Mom asked:

What is one of your biggest fears dun dun dunnnn?

Of course one of my biggest fears is my kids getting hurt. Of course.

Personally, though, I have a lot of anxiety, especially social anxiety. I'm basically afraid of people. I worry a lot and I'm scared to do a lot of things, but I make myself do them anyway.

Andrea from Good Girl Gone Redneck wants to know:

What is your favorite book?

This is another really hard question! I don't have a favourite book. I have a giant pile of books I reread and reread and then, just for fun, I read them again. I have some favourite authors, though, I'll list them for you, okay? They are: Jane Austen, Bill Bryson, Jen Lancaster, Anne Tyler, Sophie Kinsella, Margarent Lawrence, JK Rowling, and that's all I can think of right now, off the top of my head.

As an added bonus, I read a couple of really great books this weekend that I think you (yes all of you) would like:

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows is a fictional tale set in the British Channel Islands and London, post WWII. It tells the story of the an author named Juliet Ashton and her friendship with a group of people on Guernsey, one of the Channel Islands, which develops almost by accident after she receives a letter from one of them about a copy of a book he loves that she used to own - her name is written on the inside cover. It's a beautiful story with wonderful characters.

Hell Is Other Parents: And Other Tales of Maternal Combustion by Deborah Copaken Kogan is a memoir. Deborah Copaken Kogan is just so cool. She used to be a war photographer, now she's a mom of three living in NYC. She tells of her relationship with her three kids (supporting her son, the actor (he played the young Spock in the Star Trek movie), dealing with her daughter's social struggles at school and having a baby years after her first two kids) and of her struggles dealing with other parents. I enjoyed it so much, I can't wait to read her other books.

Both delightful reads. Check them out and let me know if you enjoyed them as much as I did.

Ami from Writing: My Life asked:

What is your favorite childhood memory?

My parents used to take us camping every summer. The campground had a playground where my brother and I would spend our days. I can remember looking for four leaf clovers, going to the beach, and walking up to the store for popsicles.

One year my parents decided, as a special treat, to take us to the local drive-in, which was showing Cinderella. My brother and I dressed in our pajamas and climbed in the back seat of our station wagon with our pillows and blankets and a bag of snacks. Twenty minutes later, we pulled up to the drive-in ticket booth. The man in the booth took Dad's money, gave us an odd look out of the corner of his eye, shrugged his shoulders and waved us through. We parked at one of the speakers and my parents looked around. They had a quick whispered conversation in the front seat and told us we were leaving. My brother and I cried the whole way back to the campground, we were so disappointed not to watch the movie, but my parents promised they'd take us another time.

I didn't know at the time why we had to leave the drive-in before the movie started, but my parents told me years later that the movie hadn't been Cinderella, like they thought. No, it was in fact Sinderella. My parent figured that the theatre had merely misspelled the name of the movie, but when they pulled up to their spot in front of the screen they noticed that the other cars all contained, instead of families looking forward to an innocent Disney classic, lone men sitting and staring straight ahead so as not to have to make eye contact with the other movie-goers. My parents wisely decided that it would be best to do the drive-in thing another time.

Two questions naturally arise from this story: What kind of drive-in theatre shows porn? and, perhaps more importantly, what was the man in the ticket booth thinking allowing a young family into a porn movie with their two small children?!

Happily, that drive-in closed down shortly afterward, because... EW! And my parents did eventually take us to a different drive-in theatre. I can't remember what we saw (maybe E.T?) but I remember how much fun it was to sit in the back of the station wagon, munching popcorn and watching the movie on the gigantic screen.

What is your favorite TV show and why?

I think I'd have to say my favourite TV show, that is on TV currently, is Bones. I like the interaction between the characters and the witty dialogue. Also, have I mentioned my huge crush on TJ Thyne?

He plays Dr. Jack Hodgins, the bug and slime guy (which, in science-speak and according to Wikipedia, means he's a forensic entomologist and a mineralogist/forensic mineralogist AND a forensic palynologist AND a forensic chemist), on Bones.

But my favourite TV show of all time would probably be Buffy... for pretty much the same reasons - witty dialogue and great interaction between the characters. Plus, the vampires don't sparkle, which to my mind is a huge bonus.

If you could be someone else for a day who would you be and why?

I'm no fun at this because I don't really want to be anyone else. I like being me. If you were to make me choose, though, I guess I'd have to choose to be someone who's life I'm curious about. Like, what was it like to live in the year 1000? I bet it was horrible, but I really have no idea. I could be someone from the year 1000 for a day and find out. Or, what's it like to be a guy? How do they walk around with all that hanging between their legs? I could be a guy for day and find out. Or, what does my husband see in me? I could be him for a day and find out. Am I good mom? I could be my son for a day and find out... Something like that.

And on that note, it looks like I'm plum out of questions. Thanks so much for asking and for reading the answers. I had so much fun doing this.

Hugs to everyone who asked and hugs to everyone else, too. Why not, right?



Book Lady said...

Oh my I have to agree with you! TJ Thyne is a remarkably attractive man! *fans herself* I love Bones and LOVE how Geektastic that show is! Hodges is my favorite character (of course!) You have very VERY good taste woman!

Daffy said...

Geez...everyone asked great questions. I didn't...mine would've been Grape Jelly or Strawberry?

I'm deep like that

Loukia said...

Aww thanks for the linkly love and the voting love! I have been voting for you every time I vote for me, too! :) Fingers crossed that we're in the top 10, yay!
I read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society and I loved it! Great read! And of course, I'm pretty sure which books recently (ahem) took up most of my spare time, right? ;)
Also, I love Solutions! Best store ever! And I love IKEA and Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic!

Erin said...

Ok, so I don't watch Bones and Hubs was the Buffy fan, not I.

But a copy of that Potato Peel book is on my shelf waiting to be read. I'm reading another Jodi Picoult right now, so maybe will read that one next.

And that drive-in story cracked me up--cannot imagine bringing my kiddos to something like that by accident!

p.s. I would happily do lunch with both you and Margaret Atwood as well---but really would prefer just you!

mama-face said...

You had me at Anne Tyler...

i don't want to scare you but we are uncannily similar. Down the Drive In Story. And the man thing.

hahahaha. love this post.

Ami said...

Great answers. And I loved the Drive-in story!

Merrily Down the Stream said...

I'd like to do a lot more than lunch with those mens...

kys said...

I have never watched Bones but now I'm thinking that I should! I read the Potato Peel book over the summer and really liked it.

Heather of the EO said...

TJ is hot. Had no idea who he was, so thank you :)

And I'm reading Guernsey right now and LOVING it!

Karen MEG said...

I've heard so much about Bones, didn't realize there were hotties on there!

I have a - um- shopping problem too, but I always do well at Winners. For my kids and husband too, believe it or not.

I LOVE Jon Stewart. I think I would be too busy laughing, or snorting out my food, to eat.

thanks for coming by my blog via SITS - nice to "meet" another Canadian!