November 25, 2009

This is Going to Make Me Paranoid

Since I published my comments policy and notice, I've had roughly 700 anonymous comments advertising everything from sex toys to dishwashers.

I must have angered the annoying ad robots.

I think they're out to get me *looks around nervously*... They could be watching me RIGHT NOW.

In other, happier, news - my dishwasher is fixed. Yay!

What's new with you?

Edited to add: No I didn't actually have 700 comments... I'm exaggerating. I'm really, really exaggerating. It was closer to 6 or 7... which, to be fair, did feel like a lot all at once. Sorry if I mislead anyone with my tendency to hyperbolize.



Erin said...

700??? are you exaggerating even slightly?!?! That is nuts.

I'm glad your dishwasher is fixed---I loathe washing dishes by hand.

What's on tap for you guys this weekend? How's the test you were writing?

BigSis said...

As long as the sex toys and dishwasher companies stay separate we're good. When one company advertises both, it's time to be scared.

Noelle said...

700?! that is nuts! i've never had anyone commenting about sex toys *knocking on wood*. i wonder where they got your email address?!

Dawn@Embracing the Ordinary Life said...

anything interesting??? Could you mabye get some free samples???

Cairo Typ0 said...

The spambots like you. It's nice that you have friends. :p

Loukia said...

Holy smokes, you had 700 annoying anon comments? That is soo annoying!!! Sorry!

Jen said...

7, 700 it is still a lot when it annoys you.

One Cluttered Brain said...

Hmm. I thought 700 comments might be exaggerating just a little but I wasn't sure. I'm fed UP with SPAM bots too. I get them ALOT over on TWITTER. Don't they have anything else better 2 do?

I mean come on.

Speaking of Twitter, Do you tweet? I bet you could come up with real good tweets. Ones that would make me wet my pants. Try it sometime. I promise, U will like it.

Ok, back to my Nano project.
No more commenting on ppl's blogs.
Not when I have a novel to finish. Later.

Sarah said...

I'm envious of any dishwasher, even a broken one. How sad is that? I could at least use it to store (hide) dirty dishes in.

I always exaggerate numbers. I use 4011 a lot when I really mean 1 or 2.

kys said...

Yeah for dishwashers!