November 3, 2009

Let Me Just Say That It's Just Raining Awesome Over Here

I just ate a bowl of cereal.

I'm still hungry.

My kids are home sick. Both of them. They had fevers. Buddy had a fever of 102 Sunday morning. He was pretty sick all day Sunday. He had a 'slightly elevated temperature' (99-100) all day yesterday. He's fine today... but he's home because, well, just because. Because I want to make sure he's well before I send him back out to the flu front lines.

Monkey woke up at 3am last night with a temperature of 101.4. He doesn't seem to have a temperature today at all.

They both have coughs. Loss of appetite.

There are cases of H1N1 in their school, kids are out of school, some have had to be hospitalized. The CBC says that if you have cough and fever, you probably have H1N1 because there's nothing else going around in the community right now causing those symptoms. Buddy's best friend had H1N1. Buddy was definitely exposed. Monkey was definitely exposed. If this is H1N1, though, it seems to be a very mild case of it.

Not sure what to think.

Anyway. They're home sick, but they're not too sick right now. They're doing okay. But they're still sick.

I hate it when they're sick.

Also? I have a pimple on my chin.

I hate that, too.

But, back to my original question: I ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast, but I'm still hungry.

What am I supposed to do with that? Huh?


I'm thinking I shouldn't publish this because it sucks... but I'm zombie tired today and lacking emails to read. Leave me a comment, will you? I'll visit your blog and leave you one in return.




Cairo Typ0 said...

I hope Monkey and Buddy feel better soon!! **healing vibes**

Have a second bowl of cereal. The second one is always better than the first. :)

Erin M. said...

I hope the boys are feeling back to normal gals have had a cough for about a week (abby's is far worse) but no fever to speak of. I hope it's not H1N1 setting in or something....appetites haven't been great here, either, but again---no fever. I've been blaming it on allergies since the leaves here are insane and we've had a lot of rain. And MIL let them play in (totally covered by) huge piles of leaves at her house last week. Which is when it all started. Ugh!

p.s. I stopped eating cold cereal for breakfast. It NEVER fills me up. Try something w/ protein---I like Kashi waffles with a little peanut butter on top. Or cottage cheese with fruit in it. Or scramble up some eggs with some whole wheat toast. Fiber and protein will help you feel more satisfied.

elasticwaistbands said...

first...your hunger. i agree with erin. eat some protein or fiber.

second...this whole h1n1 thing is just freakin' me out. i'm not normally a panicky type of person and up until a week ago i thought it was gov't propaganda bullshit to take our focus off the economy...but i don't know anymore. i want to keep my kids home every day. in a bubble. and me, too. i avoid going to town. been spending a LOT of time on the computer.

third...i'm glad you blogged your blog even though you didn't think it was up to par. i'm glad because...well...i have days like that too. and it's ok. because i'm a good person. and dog gone, people like me. (you too.)

have a better day...

and if all else fails, eat something really sinful. :)

Elaine A. said...

Maybe you should scramble yourself some eggs to help with your hunger. Do you like eggs? I don't even know that about you... ; )

Sorry your little dudes are sickly. I missed a 'free' day last week since I had to pick the toddler up from school 'cause he had a fever. Poor little guy. And poor me too... ;-P

Jan said...

I have a bunch of kids and now they have all been swined. It's just a recurrent fever and a bad cough, at least that's what I have seen. Hang in there.

If you're still hungry, that means your cookie ratio is off and you should raise it by eating some cookies.

But what do I know?

Pam said...

I have to agree with those fiber and protein pushers. That should help with the hunger.

Hope your little ones are better soon. It really does seem as though H1N1 is mild in almost all cases. Try not to worry too much.

Sass E-mum said...

It poured with rain here today too.

Which was handy because I'd left the washing out from the day before. It rained yesterday too.

I suck at laundry.

On the bright side, I do have a spare bowl of cereal that you can have. Peaches left it in the fridge from this morning so that she could eat it later. She's forgotten about it now...

There's no milk in it, so it's not gone soggy.

Confessions Of A Working Mom said...

I am *never* filled up by my morning bowl of cereal... I need something "beefier" (something that may or may not be beef!!!).

Hope your kids feel better!


One Cluttered Brain said...

I've been eating sausage patties for breakfast with english muffins. Throw some eggs with it and YUM-O!

Then I don't get the munchies around 10 AM.

Hope your little ones feel better.

Tracie said...

Sorry the little ones are sick. That always stinks. It's good that it doesn't seem to be a very bad case. Hope they feel better soon!

Don't you know that you always have to eat at least two bowls of cereal to be full? Or a bagel with cream cheese, because they are yummy!

kys said...

I hope the kids feel better soon! (And that you don't get it.) I don't eat cereal in the morning because I'm hungry again in an hour. Or less.

Quirky said...

Looks like you have lots of comments to entertain you now, but I'll go ahead and add mine anyway, just because I'm in the same boat (bored-no emails to read, facebook already updated, procrastinating on work). Sorry to hear that your youngins' are sick, although good to know that it wasn't that bad. My doctor told me not too long ago that the vast majority of cases of H1N1 are like what your boys's only the ones where someone gets really really sick that they talk about on the nightly news. Oh well.

mama-face said...

First the title of this post!

and if you are still hungry, even if it is like 11 days too another bowl of cereal!