October 9, 2009

A Lost Tooth

When I picked Buddy up from daycare on Wednesday I found a plastic tooth with his backpack. The school gives the kids plastic tooth-shaped containers to hold their teeth when they fall out, so that they won't lose them.

"Oh! Did your tooth finally fall out?" I asked him.

Buddy looked worried, "Yeah, but I lost it on the playground."

"Well, we'll have to write a note to the tooth fairy," I said.

So that's what we did. That evening Bud composed the following message:

Dear Tooth Fairy,

My tooth fell out. I lost it at school.

From Buddy.

We put the note under his pillow and he went to sleep.

In the morning, he eagerly checked for money under his pillow but the note was still there. The tooth fairy forgot to come!

We talked it over at breakfast. Hubby told Bud that the tooth fairy probably had a huge influx of teeth to pick up and she was running behind but that she'd pick his tooth up that night. Buddy thought maybe she couldn't find the tooth at school and that he'd only get his money when she found his tooth. I didn't say so, but I thought maybe the tooth fairy was in grad school and that maybe it's midterm and she's up to her ears in deadlines and, so, she's particularly distracted. Monkey didn't know what happened with the tooth fairy, but he thinks dinosaurs are COOOL!


So last night we left the note under Buddy's pillow again and this morning Hubby stopped me in the hall on my way out to make breakfast.

"Here," he said, giving me a nod in the direction of the kids' room while passing me a dollar.

I stared at him dully for a few seconds. "What's this for?"

He nodded towards the kids' room again and raised one of his eyebrows significantly. I watched his facial gymnastics until I remembered. "Oh shit. Has he checked yet?"

"I don't think so."

I tiptoed down to the kids' room and made the exchange, then I went to the kitchen to make breakfast. I let some time pass, then casually asked Buddy, "Did the Tooth Fairy come?"

"I forgot to check!" He jumped up and ran to his pillow.

A few moments passed in silence, then he made his way back out to the living room. He didn't seem excited.

"Didn't she come?" I asked.

"She only left a dollar," he said. "I guess it's because I lost the tooth at school... It's okay, I guess, but it's just not what I was expecting. I thought teeth were two dollars."

He put the money down and went back to his video game.

I didn't say, but I think the tooth fairy is not sure what to think about the price of teeth these days.



Cairo Typ0 said...

My nephew lost a tooth on my watch and my brother convinced me the going rate was $20. Of course the joke was on him since he then had to keep up that economic trend with future lost teeth. LOL

Helen McGinn said...

Yeah, some kids seem to be getting a small fortune; I told my kids unless their teeth were made of some kind of precious metal as yet undiscovered by man, then the tooth fairy would be sticking to sliver coins. ;O)

mama-face said...

Our tooth fairy thinks teeth are worth a dollar at the most.

Here's what we do when the tooth fairy 'forgets'...I go into the bedroom and find the dollar because I searched EVERYWHERE and the child must have missed noticing it. I'm the only one who can find anything anyway, so it is totally believable.


Working Mum said...

Just tell him there's a global recession and it's hit tooth fairies too! (So he also gets a lesson in economics)

Erin M. said...


This was a wonderful post to wake up to, I've missed you! I know the tooth fairy is very busy with grad school and she can only juggle so much.

If teeth are supposed to be $2 each and my kids are still years away from losing their first teeth...and they'll be losing them around the same time....whoa!

I love the person who commented above and said that she goes in and "finds" the $1 b/c she knows how to look everywhere, etc. Such a great idea!!

Bethany said...

Aw- sweet story! We each got 25c for our teeth, with 7 kids I'm sure that added up for my parents. Some of my students get $10+ for their first tooth- way too much in my mind!!

Angela said...

This was just too funny to me. I have 3 kids all losing teeth at the same time. Yeah the tooth fairy forgets more than she remembers. I have to hunt all over and usually for a good kick she slips it between the bed and wall. I just wonder what happens when they check there first.