October 12, 2009

Holiday Monday is Just Another Walk in the Park

I finished writing my research paper this morning. Yay! I just have to do some minor editing and then I'll be ready to hand it in.

Instead of cleaning the house, like we should have, we decided to go for another walk in the woods, this time at a different park.

You know what that means, don't you?

(wait for it... wait for it...)


Yes. Pictures. But first some stories.

We saw a woman feeding chickadees with a handful of peanuts. The kids were fascinated. She asked if they were allergic to peanuts and when I told her they weren't she gave them each their own handful of peanuts to feed to the chickadees.

I thought they'd have trouble standing still long enough for the chickadees to land on their hands, but I was wrong. The chickadees landed on their hands and my hand and hubby's and took peanuts. It was really cool.

Chickadee in Buddy's hand.

Chickadee in Hubby's hand.

As we were walking I kept noticing little purple flowers. They stood out against all the browns, greens, yellows and oranges. I wanted to take a picture, but I didn't see any near the edge of the trail. Finally, just as were almost at the end of our walk, I found some. I'm quite happy with how the pictures turned out.

I was once again happy with my fall day walking outfit. I wore my new scarf, which I think is just the right amount of punk.

And now... The pretty pictures from our walk:

Creepy old hollow stump

Cattails going to fuzz.

I like the way this tree arches over the path.

Some kind of bird or animal dug holes in this tree until it bled sap.
Very Halloween.

An interesting old log. The other side of it was hollow,
which the kids found very exciting.
("Look Mommy! A hollow log! Something might live in there.")

Pretty leaves, green turning to yellow.

Monkey was very concerned that we not eat these mushrooms.
He warned we'd have to go to the 'haustiple' in the 'ambulance' if we did.

Trees. I love them. These have the green/yellow leaves plus the arching over the path thing going on.



My very own king of all the wild things.

This neat old tree had a hole in it. Bud thought he'd poke a stick in it.
Nothing happened.

Very cool, very big tree.

I'm sensing a new theme here at my blog. It is this: Come to Canada, we have trees.

And, since it's Thanksgiving, I'll just go ahead and say that I'm thankful for all the stuff pictured in this post and all the other peachy keen stuff in my life. So, yeah, thanks!

And thanks to you for reading my blog, yo.

Kisses and hugs.



Jen said...

Congrats on getting your paper done. That is awesome and so are these photos. You sure do have cool trees.

mama-face said...

Spectacular photos-both today and yesterday! What a great place to live! :)

Erin M. said...

I know you're glad to have that paper behind you (but you still have a lot of other things going on this week)...

You have an incredible ability with your camera, Melanie. Have you ever thought about doing something professional? (not that you don't have other dreams, etc)

I love the Wild Things one. Did you guys see the movie? I really really really want to see it. It looks phenomenal.

Your boys are so darling. Can I borrow them sometime? I'll trade you!

Cairo Typ0 said...

Having birds come to your hands to eat? Tres cool! I'm impressed the woman asked if they were allergic - very thoughtful of her.

The Nag said...

I bought the same scarf on Saturday!

Mama Karebare said...

Bet your relived about your paper being done! Love all the pics

Bethany said...

You live in such a beautiful place for fall hikes- I love it! The chickadees in the hands are so cool~!

CC said...

Congrats and gorgeous pics!

Pam said...

Those are awesome pictures. How cool that the chickadees actually landed on your hands. Your kids must have been thrilled. Oh, and very cool scarf by the way.

Elaine A. said...

I absolutely LOVE the picture that you wrote "Tress. I love them." under. Amazing. You should get a large print of that one and frame it.