August 7, 2009

Should I Post?

I feel like I have no stories to tell.

Or at least I feel like I don't have the words or the wit to tell my stories today.

Is it better to wait for creativity to strike or is it better to post for the sake of posting?

Last week sucked.

I was sick. Dizzy, coughing, exhausted: sick. It's stupid to be sick in the summer. It's ridiculous.

To make matters worse, I always feel self-conscious when I'm sick because when I tell people how I'm feeling they often ask, "You're sick a lot, aren't you?"

I hate that. In response, I either growl, "No," or frown and say, "No more than most people." Then I peer out from under my lowered eyebrows until they look away, uncomfortable.

I'm sure they wonder why I'm so annoyed.

I'm annoyed because I don't want people to think I'm sickly.

One of my greatest frustrations is that I can't control what people think of me. I want to come across as together, creative, intelligent, effective. Not sickly and pathetic or lazy and morose. And yet people always say, "You're sick a lot, aren't you?"

This week I feel normal, almost like my old self.

I feel fine. And yet when I tell people how I feel, no one says to me, "You feel normal a lot, don't you?"

Last night Monkey went to bed crying. It was late. We'd let the boys stay up and watch So You Think You Can Dance with us. The kids love the dancing.

I remember when Buddy was small, he came home from preschool and told me that boys can't be dancers. I told him that boys can most definitely be dancers and that men who dance need to be very strong because they often have to lift the women dancers. To prove my point, I turned to YouTube and we watched some ballet. So You Think You Can Dance has proven to Buddy that men can indeed be dancers and that dancers, both male and female, are amazing athletes.

We had Wednesday's show on our PVR and started watching it as we ate supper. When it ended we started watching the finale results show. At around 9:30pm, I noticed the time and told the boys they needed to get straight to bed and to sleep. It was way past their bedtime. Monkey, who was overtired and emotional, wasn't ready. He wanted to finish watching the dancing. He wanted his polar bear. His bug bite was itchy. It was NO FAIR! Stomp, stomp, stomp. Finally Hubby picked him up and carried him to his bed, tucked him in and told him to stay put.

He cried for a few minutes and I heard Buddy say, "Why are you crying, Monkey?" A mumbled conversation followed and then I heard Buddy reading Monkey a story. He read his brother to sleep and then crawled in his own bed and fell asleep, himself. I was so proud of him.

So today is Buddy's choice day. Buddy gets to choose the day's activity because he's such a great big brother. And a great kid. And a super reader. All that good stuff and more.


Special thanks to Mamma-Face of Blog Ignoramous for this lovely award:

I pass it on to everyone who comments on this post.


So that's it... My post for the sake of posting. My stories told despite my lack of words and wit.

So what do you think: Is it better to post for the sake of posting or is it better to wait for creativity to strike?



B said...

Wit. We don't always need it unless we blog for other people. If we blog for ourselves who cares if we are wit free? That's just my two bits for you.

Reluctant Housewife said...

Well... even if we're blogging for ourselves we must be doing it at least a bit for other people. I mean, why publish it if we're not? If it were for us alone we could just sit alone in a corner and mumble to reach the same result.

But, yes... Wit is definitely optional. Words, though... kinda necessary. :)

Andrea (ace1028) said...

I hate summer colds. I think mine started last night. It makes me cranky. Hope you're feeling normal again soon, if not already!

Dawn@Embracing the Ordinary Life said...

that was a pretty darn good "nothing" post...

Pam said...

I loved the story of Buddy the good big brother. What a great kid!

SaraLynn said...
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SaraLynn said...

You are always so straight forward....which is what I love about your blog! You just put it out there, even when you feel like it is "nothing" :)

But it is something to those of us that check in on you!

I have the same problem, but instead of writing about nothing, I just don't write. I have to be inspired or else the words dont come! And like you said words are kind of necessary!!

Faith- Inspired Designs by Faith said...

I found your blog on SITS and just had to follow! I love it! Have a great weekend!


Mary G said...

I am glad you did put this up - it's as if we were leaning on the fence between our houses, chatting in the dusk.
I can just see your super son reading to his sad little brother. There's an award in our community called the 'Terrific Kid' award. He sure deserves it.
And you deserve the other half, which is a sticker that says 'I am the parent (grandparent/sibling) of a Terrific Kid.

scrappysue said...

awwww - that's cute! well, i always like hearing what you have to say mel! hope you're feeling good today!

Kim's Korner said...


On the boys and dancing - I dance with my boys (13 & 9) in the kitchen all the time. I've always told them 'women LOVE a man who can and will dance!'

Although they love music, the thought of them being on the dance floor with the girls, while the other guys watch from the sidelines, is what I think actually motivates them in the end ;-)

supah ~d said...

SOmetimes the best blogs come out of total blah blah. :)

You never know what's lurking til your fingers start a' tappin. ;)

Happy Sits sharefest: I'm still in belief that those words sound like... something we ALL should NOT be sharing. :)


Chick said...

Comments trying it out.

Elaine A. said...

Seemed like you had some stuff to say to me... ; ) Congrats on the award and glad to hear you are feeling better.

Cute pic of you and the boys!

nat said...

I absolutely enjoy your reading yr blogs...You seem so down to earth...
Your boys seem so cute. You must of been so proud of your son for comforting the other! Sounds like great and loving parenting going on!
I feel the same with some blogs I posts...but some of the best blogs written are from the heart and just without too much analyzing of them! Hope that made

Antonio said...

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Sass E-mum said...

Definitely good to post anyone. Says one who doesn't.

At least I comment - even when I've not got much to add.