August 20, 2009

Peanut Free Snacks from PC

I was sent a big bag of President's Choice peanut free snacks to try.

For the record: I did not pay for these snacks but I am not being paid to write this, I was not told what to say, this is my actual opinion.

I agreed to try these products because my sons' school doesn't allow us to send anything with nuts, peanuts or seeds in their lunches and I actually buy and like the PC products. It's a good match for my life.

Okay? Are we good?


Here's what I received:

● Crispy rice marshmallow squares
● 3 boxes of little snack cakes: Brownies, carrot cake and banana cake with chocolate chips
● 3 boxes of Soft & Chewy cookies: Oatmeal raisin, oatmeal cranberry and oatmeal chocolate chip
● 2 boxes of Blue Menu Wheat Bran bites: Maple & brown sugar and banana bread
● Dipped & Chewy granola bars: chocolate fudge chocolate chip
● Mini Chef's Teensy Weensy muffins: Chocolate chip, banana and blueberry
● PC blueberry cereal bars

I was excited to have the chance to try these products out. We shop at PC and use many of the PC brand products, especially Blue Menu. I was disappointed when I first opened the package of peanut free snacks because they weren't healthier. For the most part I'll be sticking with the PC products I already buy for the kids' lunches: Unsweetened apple sauce, cheese string, wheat bran bites (which did arrive in the package), dried fruit snacks, etc... I also really like the PC Blue Menu nitrate free sandwich meat.

On with the review:

The healthiest snacks we were sent are the wheat bran bites, which I did buy last year and sent to school with my kids. My kids won't eat the banana flavour (of any of these snacks), but the maple is tasty. They can be a bit dry and are probably best enjoyed with a glass of milk.

The Soft & Chewy cookies are very good. They're downright yummy and I like that they're packaged individually, making them so easy to throw in the boys' lunches as an extra little treat. Last year I was buying Bear Paws because of they were peanut free and packaged in individual servings. I found, though, that the serving size was too big for little kids. I'll be replacing the Bear Paws with these cookies this year, for sure.

I won't be putting the snack cakes in the kids' lunches but I just want to say, here for the record, that they're very tasty! Especially the brownies. Yum! I will probably buy them as a special desert treat every once in awhile (brownies with ice cream, most likely).

I will not be buying the muffins (okay, but not great), the granola bars (good but not my thing) or the rice crispy treats (the kids love them, but I'd rather make my own).

Does your child's school have a ban on certain foods? What snacks do you send in your kids lunches?



confused homemaker said...

it looks peanut butter is soon to out of the whole school for my kids too, it's already out of the prek and can't be in snacks you bring in for classes anywhere in the school but hasn't (yet) been removed from lunches. i don't mind though since Mamacita has other allergies to food (not PB) so I understand why. as for snacks we send a lot of gf snacks, fruit (dry & crisps) & cheese (soy for Mamacita).

Erin M. said...

Okay, I just wanna know how I can get on the list to receive free snacks to sample....I don't think we have PC here, though? We had it in New Orleans. My mom was addicted to some of their cookies!

Mama Karebare said...

Know I'm Hungry! Thank you!

Working Mum said...

I find a lot of those kinds of snacks are like chewing sawdust! (Especially granola bars)

My daughter is only allowed to take fruit, vegetables, yoghurt/fromage frais or cheese. Nothing over processed, no arguments and no mithering. Very easy to do.

Lee said...

This year our school is nut free. Well, there are lots of nuts there, but not the kind you eat. I am now reading every label of everything I buy...sheeesssshhhh!

Mary G said...

Many thanks. I have a granddaughter with a nut allergy, so this was very useful. I, too, bemoan the size of the Bear Paw packages.
Re your post on questions: I wonder why nut allergies have gained such prominence; when I was a kid in the '40's and '50's, there was absolutely no mention of such a thing.

LeAndMatt said...

My son's school doesn't, but there is a child in his class that has a peanut,walnut, and almond I try to be respective and not put anything in his box to cause a reaction...just in case she has a case of the sticky fingers and grabs his stuff...anyway....

I send a mixture of raisins with the new Kashi cereal honey..he loves them...I also send the Kashi soft cereal bars (they do not contain nuts according to the wrapper), and I also send dried fruit (usually the individual welch's mixtures).

BTW, Thanks for stopping by our blog and leaving a comment! Erin M. is one of my sorority sisters - luv her- who introduced me to your blog!

Olivia said...

Interesting post. I'm new-ish to this blog, but have like what I've read!