July 13, 2009

Brothers and Girls

I was tired this morning and decided I would treat myself to a little television while I drank my coffee. I curled up in my favourite corner of the couch and turned on Ellen. One of her guests was a 7 year old girl who plays the piano and composes her own music.

Emily Bear, 7 year old piano prodigy and Ellen*

Thinking that seeing a kid their own age who's such an accomplished musician would inspire Buddy and Monkey, I called to them in the dining room where they were eating breakfast: "Come and look at this, you guys. This girl is the same age as Buddy."

The boys watched as the little girl ran onto set and hugged Ellen. Buddy tilted his head to the left and said, "That girl is really pretty."

Monkey gave one of his big belly laughs and pointed at his brother, "Buddy loves that girl!"

Buddy shook his head, "I don't love her," he said. "I just think she's pretty."

On screen, the little girl sat down at the piano and started to play.

"Wow," I said, quite blown away.

Buddy looked at me, wrinkling up his nose, "What?"

"She's amazing!"

Both boys turned back to the television and watched her play for a few seconds, until they simultaneously lost interest and returned to their breakfasts.

I'm pretty sure they missed the point entirely. Oh well. At least you can't say I didn't try.

*Photo courtesy of Rockford Register Star



Lee said...

Well, if nothing else got accomplished, you no know Buddy is interested in girls!

Tammy Howard said...

He LOVES her! He wants to MARRY her and KISS her!

Julia said...

That would frustrate me, but well what can you do??

I found you through SITS. I also have a giveaway at The Apron Goddesses that you might like. :)

B said...

Boys will be boys.
Even when they are men.

CC said...

And the crushes have begun?

Multiple personalities.. said...

I think this little girl is so talented, and quite adorable. My son won't admit she's pretty 'cause he's still in an "girl are icky" kind of phase. But more and more I see him looking at girls with a different kind of sparkle in his eye. Thanks for sharing!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

I always tried that with my kids too. Your kids' reaction was funnier.

Michelle said...

Oooo, you tried hard. I give you five stars for effort. but hey, think about how much money you saved on all those expensive piano lessons!

Debbie said...

I've tried that so many times. It never works!

Kelly said...

haha! That's boys for ya!

Stopping by from SITS to day HI

down pillow said...

Oh, and so the crushes begin! Good luck with that. My son is only 5 and girls still are gross. YEAH!