May 31, 2009

Another Year Older and Wiser and Older

Yesterday morning I opened my eyes and rolled over in bed. The house was quiet but it was light outside the window. I sat up to check the clock on Hubby's bedside table. It said: 7:00am. I sighed and fell back on my pillow.

I stared out the window for a few minutes, watching the leaves in the trees blow in the wind and listening to the rain fall. I turned and nestled close to Hubby. His eyes were still closed.

"I'm older," I whispered in case he was still asleep.

He turned towards me and said, "Just by a day."

"No, I've added a new number to my age. I'm older."

He doesn't understand it's psychological.

I tried to explain to him later in the day, after the rain stopped and the sun came out, that aging is harder for women than it is for men. Men, as they get older, get more respect. They become distinguished and experienced. Women, on the other hand, just get old.

I understand that I'm not old yet. I understand that 34 is still young.

But I can't quite help feeling like I'm running out of time.

When I woke up yesterday morning I was older.

That's all there is to it.

But at least I got to have cake. I got to have cake and hang out with these guys:

Life is good, even if I am getting older.



Cairo Typ0 said...

Happy birthday!! Another year wiser and more gorgeous!

I agree, cake makes everything better. :)

Katie said...

Man, I hear that. Happy Birthday!

scrappysue said...

stop feeling sorry for yourself - i'm a whole pre-teen OLDER than you!!!

seriously - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEL!!!

i hope you have/had an awesome day!!!

hugs, sue

Alex the Girl said...

Cake, good cake, like Cairo says, makes everything better, esp. when you are sharing it with those gorgous boys of yours!

Elaine A. said...

Happy belated Birthday!! Cake is always good! : ) Enjoy 34, it's not so bad so far for me...

Lisa Chelle said...

You are certainly older in great company.

I can understand, I am about to be 32 and can literally feel the time slipping away. I am behing the eight ball. I am divorced, I havent had kids yet. I find myself trying to rush, then I forget to find my bliss.

The Blonde Duck said...

Cake is the best cure ever. Happy Birthday!

When I get old, I plan to wear a hot pink mumu, feather boa and tiara. Who will dare argue with me?

CC said...

Happy Birthday! You a whopping 2 weeks older than I am!

Rebecca Welch said...

oh HAI!!!
I'll give you 3 guessed where I came from *wink*

Happy Belated Birfday!!!

Men don't 'get it'.

B said...

Happy belated birthday :o) I sooo get you on this one - but my husband wouldn't. It's a Venus/Mars thing I think. Just popped over from SITS. Enjoy your day to shine.