May 20, 2009

The Places in my Head

According to Facebook my mind is like a forest: I am "very positive but in a way completely crazy." Although, to be honest, in what way that's like a forest I couldn't tell you.

This is a picture of my mind taken just five minutes ago:
If you decide to take a stroll please stay on the boardwalk so you don't crush any of my little thought plants. Thanks.

According to my horoscope I should enjoy the possibilities of my imagination. So I'm off to Tahiti in my mind. You should now picture me staring off into the middle distance with a relaxed, dazed look on my face while elevator music plays to keep you entertained until I return; perhaps Girl From Ipanema: Duh dada da dadada d'dah duh dada da dadada d'dah.

Physically, I am right in front of you but my mind is here:
All thanks to the possibilities of my imagination.

And that is the sum total of what I've managed to achieve today.

Well, that AND two cups of coffee.

Edited to ad: Um... make that three cups of coffee AND I got dressed. Things are lookin' up. Sure 'nough.



B said...

Not sure if I'd rather be in the first place or the second. I like the solitude that comes with a walk in the forest, but the warmth...I could go for that BIG TIME.

kestrel said...

Just droping in and saw the great pix of Buddy - looks like one cool guy. I am sure he will make it to be a rock star. Liked the way you pictured your mind with the boardwalk, I don't know, mine seems a bit cluttered at the moment

Cairo Typ0 said...

I'll be at the second place mixing the drinks and getting everything ready! Margaritas sound good for everyone?

Sass E-mum said...

It all looks very lovely. I have a feeling that the forest in my head is a far scruffier place. As for the peace and serenity of your tropical island - what a lovely place to go. Sadly my head seems to be heading into a low-budget supermarket on Christmas Eve.

Someone rescue me and offer me one of those Margaritas. Please.

Heather said...

Love the picture of your mind, I did take a leisurely stroll along the path, it was very peaceful, thanks! Too funny!

Elaine A. said...

Well hello stranger, how you been?

Now I'm off to Tahiti too... ; )

scrappysue said...

sounds like a pretty good day to me! i wanna go to tahiti with you - for real - with cocktails'n'stuff