April 17, 2009

Maybe I'm just Annoyed Today

So, I've been directed to check out Susan Boyle, from Britain's Got Talent by enough people I respect (Mad and my MIL - to name two of many) that I had to check her out.

So I watched her, and she's good, and then I saw the list of other acts over in the sidebar on YouTube. I decided I'd check out Flawless, who my MIL also recommended. They're good, too.

But here's the thing: Who are those two thugs over in the sidelines who the cameras keep cutting to? They look directly into the camera and nod enthusiastically and say: "Yeah-heh!" and "di'cha see that?". It's so annoying. If I'm going to watch this stuff, I want to see the ACT not the stupid people in the sidelines. I don't care that they're impressed. I want to see the thing so I can make up my own mind. Are they celebrities or something? The show's hosts? What? Why? Hate, HATE. Grrrr...

So my conclusion is that I'm just annoyed today. By everything.

Watch out world.




Cynthia said...

I was surfing around and also caught a video of Susan Boyle. Out of curiosity I checked out the other "talent" as well. Granted Flawless was pretty good, but the rest of them don't hold a candle to Susan's performance. I just wonder what the next few weeks will hold!

Rachel said...

Like on Oprah when they constantly cut to the audience to show how moved they are wiping tears or nodding enthusiastically by something the guest has said.

That annoys me, too.

Although I do like it on award shows when they cut to the nominees who didn't win.

Sass E-mum said...

Yes. That's why I don't watch talent shows either. Susan Boyles's singing was enough (thanks to FFF showing me the link).

B said...

Don't we all have days like this? If not you and I are totally in this room alone. Thanks for the company.

scrappysue said...

they're ANT or DEC!!! haven't you watched love actually mel!!!

"This is no fictional duo: Ant & Dec are played by themselves (Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly). This duo of popular actors, musicians, and telly presenters are among the best-recognized television personalities in Britain, and virtually nearly unknown here in America. (Can't tell them apart? Ant always stands on the left. Always.)"

some of the best lines from the movie (my 2nd fave of all time):

Billy Mack: Hiya kids. Here is an important message from your Uncle Bill. Don't buy drugs. Become a pop star, and they give you them for free!

Dec: Billy, I understand you've got a prize for our competition winners.

Billy Mack: Yes I have, Ant or Dec. It's a - it's a personalized felt tip pen.

Kelly said...

Ooop! Sue has already introduced you to Ant And Dec.... they are brit show hosts. Usually they were sort of game-show hosts. Sometimes they used to be funny - but mostly they are just annoying. More annoying than ever these days.