April 15, 2009

Honesty - My Best Policy

People, it's time I came clean.

I really can't spell.

I couldn't spell my way out of a paper bag. Not even to save my life. Like, for instance, if there was, say, a tiger or a dinosaur or a blog reviewer (heh) in the paper bag with me.

I'm terrible.

Even with spell check, which I always use, I'm terrible. Sometimes I spell words so very, sadly wrong that spell check doesn't even recognize them. I have to play around with the vowels until it offers me the correct choice. And sometimes I'll spell a word correctly and then I'll change it to make it wrong so that I can be sure it was right by choosing it from spell check's suggestions.

Why? I don't know.

Maybe this hearkens back to the fact that, when I was a kid, not only could I not keep my b's and d's straight, I also couldn't keep my c's and s's straight. Or maybe it's because I was in the French Immersion program in school and, as such, I learned to spell in French. Or maybe spelling just isn't my thing, you know?

Or maybe spelling is evil and out to get me.

That must be it.




Anissa said...

I'm the same way! Thanks for coming by today!

Mary G said...

I can spell (usually) but I can't carry a tune. I think it's the wetware you are issued that determines stuff like that.
And Immersion doesn't help.... dentist? dentiste? Merde.

Jennifer said...

Spell check is my best friend! I am with you on this one.

scrappysue said...

86 comments??? was any of it fun mel??? sounds like y'all were ready to host a tupperware party together hehe

as for spelling - i rock at it, but we all know your talents lie elsewhere - reviewing reviewers and dragging 'reluctant' evil bloggers into your calm happy space!!! hehe

highly amusing - glad it wasn't me :)

Nat said...

Good morning....
Don't worry I can't spell for the life of me..and I'm even worse in french! lol
I at times refuse the spellchecks correct writing of the word for mine. lol
What's even worse I ramble...My sentences run on and on....lol

Have a great Day all!

B said...

You have to make sur you stop in and see the shiney somthing I hav on my blog for you tody.

What was that you said about bad spelling? ;)