April 23, 2009

Cut It Out

Dear Animal Rights Activists,

I heard on the radio this morning that scientists are rallying at UCLA because they've been targeted and attacked by you. I understand you want to save the animals but I think that you really need to rethink your tactics. Your tactics are not okay.

I'll go further: Your tactics are psychotic.

You see, I like Monkeys. So, normally when I hear that scientists are doing drug addiction research using Monkeys, I'd think that that is so not right.

But, then, when I hear that you've been lighting people's cars on fire in their driveways, planting bombs and showing up masked at their houses in the middle of the night to terrorize them and their families, well I've gotta tell ya, my sympathies are firmly with the scientists. I almost want to send them a monkey as a token of my support.

Your tactics are not helping your cause. Your tactics are not helping the animals.

You are succeeding spectacularly in turning Joe and Josephine Average, people like me, against you.

This is not the way to get things done. So cut it out already, okay?




Housewife Savant said...

I came over because somewherealongtheway I thought I saw a photo of the St Louis arch, and I have a fondness for StL.
But Canada, eh?
I'm from Northern WI, so we're sorta sisters and maybe SITSters and that's where I saw the StL arch pic.
My SIL swears that people from WI have the same stereotyped accent as Canadians.
Maybe the whole dang thing became a blur and I've been on the computer for too long.
I loved this post. Send 'em a monkey token... seriously laughing.
Thanks for sharing.

Mommy (That's my name, don't wear it out.) said...

Ummmm... I adore this post! It made me laugh out loud and think all at the same time, my favorite kind of post.

Seriously those people are NUTS.

Working mum said...

Agreed. I think that in the UK, all product testing (cosmetics and such) on animals has been banned, but drug testing continues as a necessary evil until such time as we can develop drugs without animal testing. I think these activists are short sighted to think all testing on animals can just stop.

laala said...

Great post!
And I agree, hurting and scaring people isn't going to help them help the animals.

Paige said...

Ugh, agree. People just don't get the point of conviction. If you are of the belief that violence against animals is wrong how can you be violent against people. *rolls eyes* A little counterintuitive.