March 17, 2009


So a few months ago I installed Norton anti-virus on my Dell. My Dell promptly died. Every time I started it up I got the dreaded blue screen. Do you remember the Sex and the City episode in which Carrie's laptop dies? She gets a little sad face on the screen that the computer repair guy calls 'sad mac'. Well the blue screen is the PC equivalent of sad mac. Luckily I was able to start it up in safe mode and backup all my files and pictures after it died, so I wasn't as badly off as Carrie.

Then my ancient, tho still working, IBM laptop started getting FAN ERRORs. It would say FAN ERROR and then shut down. On Monday, it finally gave up completely and would not start up at all. It needs a new fan before it will start up again.

I figured it was time to try to get the Dell up and working again so I tried reinstalling the operating system. The process asked me many confusing questions, like what I wanted to do about the partitions. I have no idea what I want to do about the partitions. I finally gave up because I was afraid I was just going to make things worse. So I took my two laptops to the geek squad. The Geek I spoke to told me that they would reinstall the operating system for a small fee. The new fan for the IBM, however would be a couple of hundred dollars. "Fine," I told him putting the IBM back in my shoulder bag, "fix the Dell."

So here I am. A little bit poorer, but with a working computer. Sort of. The letters are not showing up on the screen as quickly as I'm typing them and I keep having to stop and wait for them to catch up.

It was weird not having access to the internet. Really weird. When the IBM wouldn't start I realized I needed to phone Dell and IBM but I had no way of getting those phone numbers, or the number for the Geek squad, because I don't own a phone book. I look up all the phone number and other information - movie times, museum info, park locations, directions, EVERYTHING - on the internet. I also really missed my email. Gah! I felt so out of touch. Plus I promised my MIL that I would send her some links for the places were looking at for when we move to the GTA.

Well... I was only without a computer for two days but it felt much, much longer. Does this mean I'm hopelessly addicted? I think it probably does.

Ah well. I guess it comes with the territory, for such is the the way of the blogs.



CC said...

Yep. YOu are an addict. But so am I. So we're all good.

christyzee said...

addicted, yes, crazy, no! I feel the same exact way! I was looking for areas to cut corners lately and the tv and high speed came, no. I don't think in a million years I could go back to dial up! Glad you are up and running now!

The Blonde Duck said...

I HATE it when my computer doesn't work. I get violent and have withdrawl symptoms.

Debbie said...

I hate the blue screen. Evil thing.

MOMSWEB said...

You're scaring computer has been doing some strange things lately. Noooo..not the computer!!

Brittany Ann said...

Sometimes I think anti-virus programs are worse than the virus. I HATE that every time I open an email my computer gives me a warning that says it could contain problematic content.
Good luck, I hope it gets better.

Elaine A. said...

I'm laughing about the part about how you don't have a phone book. I always recycle ours and my MIL always says "what if you don't have your computer one day, then what will you do?" HA HA HA!

Shannon said...

OMG, I sooo know how you feel! I've had different computers go down before, and it's torturous!!! Once was for about a week. Can you imagine??? I should have gone back to school to be a puter expert, so I could fix these problems myself, cause I usually don't have money to throw into these things. I had the blue screen thingy happen to my last one. Luckily, we had just got tax money back, and hubby bought me a new laptop. I still have the old one though, and would love to get it fixed. I don't know how to try that Safe mode thing, or I'd try it. Anyway, from one addict to another, I hear ya Sista! ;-)

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The Rambler said...

just did a post on this subject....well, the loss of internet use. :)

I'm a lot late but still wanted to thank everyone for visiting me on my SITS day!

xoxo~The RAmbler @ My Rambling Thoughts.