March 11, 2009

Air Canada is Lying

I just got my Air Canada Super Saver email. The super saver is an email flyer with all of AC's latest deals.

and it sucks ass.

Today's carries the fancy catch phrase:

Fares so low you might
never go home.

I think it would be more appropriate if it said something like:

If these fares are low
you might never go home
because you could only afford
the one way ticket!


If these fares are low
you might never leave home!

or perhaps:

Air Canada, we gouge you
because we can!




Pam said...

Visiting via SITS! Seems the airlines "promotions" are always too good to be true.

Debbie said...

These companies think we are fools, don't they?

CC said...

bwahahaha! Although Air Canda was the best rate when we flew to Korea. Twice. Our second trip was exactly 3 years ago tomorrow!!! Aack!