February 25, 2009

Fun For the Whole Family!

Let's play Who Does Hubby Look Like?.

This game has been enjoyed by millions of international people internationally and now I'm bringing it to you, here at Adventures of the Reluctant Housewife!



For years now, there has been an ongoing debate among those who know and are friends with Hubby. It is this: Who does he look more like - Neil Patrick Harris (who plays Barney on How I Met Your Mother and who played Doogie Howser MD back in the day (I loved Doogie Howser!)) or David Hyde Pierce (who played (plays? is that show still on?) Niles Crane on Frasier).

'Well, I never!' aside: Apparently Hubby only looks similar to people who go by three names.

Now I'm asking you, oh internet, to settle this question once and for all:

Who Does Hubby Look Like?

Step one in our little game: Let's see what Hubby looks like.

He looks like this:At least that's what he looks like in a semi-dark room, lit by orangy tungsten light, when I've caught him by surprise and snapped a picture of him with my cell phone.

And because David Hyde Pierce and Niel Patrick Harris are wearing a suit and tie and their pictures (apparently no one told them this game is casual-wear only), here is what the husband look like in a suit and tie:
At least that's what he looks like when I use a picture that was taken from across the room and then edit it into a head-shot so that it's all blurry.

And here's what those other guys look like:

Niel Patrick Harris
David Hyde Pierce

Okay now that we have all the relevant information - let's play!

All you have to do is click your answer in this handy-dandy survey doohickey.

Have at it!

Thanks for playing! Results in about a week.



Cairo Typ0 said...

Looks like David Hyde Pierce is winning so far!

B said...

Wow, can he be a hybrid? It's a tough one, but I'm going to vote for Harris I think.

Debbie said...

I miss Frasier.

Katie said...

Well look at you with your fancy survey box! He's really got the same nose and facial expressions of David Hyde Pierce.

CC said...

I want to vote for David Hyde Pierce but the poll isn't showing up for me :(

Jen said...

David Hyde Pierce, totally.

Mother Mayhem said...

I voted David Hyde Pierce. :o)

My husband favors John (Just a Swingin')Anderson. When his niece was a baby, she'd go into fits about Uncle BB being on tv. LOL