January 13, 2009

Well... How About That?

Look at that. No, not the cow poetry (although Farside cartoons are always funny). I mean look at the blog. Nobody here... Tumble weeds blowing through the middle of the blog posts.

I scared everybody off just by talking about poetry.



Sorry about that.


No I'm not. Not really.


I stand by my poetry post.

I think it's kind of fun, actually.
but maybe that's just me.

No. Obviously that's just me.

*cough* ya bunch of lilly-livered-scaredy-cat philistines. *cough*

Sorry. I don't mean that. You know I lurve you. Hey! Where are you going? Aw come on! Okay, I totally take it back! Please come back... Please?

Hey! Look! Kittens!

Yeah. Aren't they cute?

See? We're all friends here. Okay?

Whew. That was close.




Dysd Housewife said...

I just found your blog, great stuff. And I love poetry, cows, AND kittens. yer good. :)

jill said...

"Hey! Look! Kittens!"


is that the key to increasing readership? enticing them with cute pictures after calling them names....

i'll have to remember that.