January 15, 2009

Monkey of the Giant Personality

My Monkey has a giant personality. It is so big it almost doesn't fit inside his tiny little body.

Part of his giant personality is a giant sense of humour. Monkey loves to make people laugh. Being a four year old boy, he specializes fart jokes, poop jokes and bum jokes. He has an enormous belly laugh and he uses it freely.

"Monkey," I'll ask, "have you brushed your teeth yet?"

"Fart!" he'll answer, "Ah ha ha ha ha!"

It can be frustrating, but that belly laugh is hard to resist.

Along with that giant personality comes a lot of drama. Monkey had truly terrible twos. He threw tantrums several times a day. Now Monkey has calmed down quite a bit, but he still takes things too much to heart. His emotions often seem to be too big to keep inside. He wants to be good at everything and when he can't seem to figure something out he gets so frustrated he stomps around, arms flailing, "I can't do it!". When I have to discipline him, it breaks his heart. If I tell him I'm upset with him he cries big crocodile tears, "I sorry Mommy! I so sorry!" He demands attention and will repeat my name over and over and OVER until I give it to him.

With Monkey's great big personality comes love. Monkey is exceptionally caring. He shows impressive empathy for someone so small. He comforts others when they're sad or hurt. He hates to be the cause of upset. He loves people and he's a natural charmer so people usually love him right back. He gives the best bear hugs and loves to snuggle. He loves animals and cares vigilantly for his stuffed toys. He really is such a little love and a joy to parent.

Life with Monkey of the giant personality is sometimes challenging, but it's never dull and it's always rewarding.

I hope he never changes.

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Chris said...

Oh, what a life you have ahead of you!

Kimber said...

Little boys are just the sweetest. Sometimes ornery, but sweet nonetheless.

Cathy said...

Gotta love those boys! My little boy is now 13...oh, the mischief they get into!

Elaine A. said...

Wow, he and The B Man sound SOOOOO similar! And for that reason I say, I can totally relate to ALL of this! The cuteness and the challenges!

mommy4life said...

I can truly say boys are innately different from girls. After my first two girls I thought I was a pro at the "mom" thing, and then came along my little guy and all his testosterone!!! Your little man is adorable!

jill said...

the capacity to love large seems to always be accompanied by the capacity to express EVERYTHING large. i guess there has to be balance. =D

he's adorable!

Working mum said...

Gorgeous! What a lovely tribute. It must be fun living with a big personality like that!

Jaysi said...

He looks like a barrel of fun! Happy Friday.

Momma said...

I can tell from the pictures that he has a wonderful personality! Yay for little boys!!!

The Dotterel said...

I'm reading this post as a taste of things to come. Charlie already tries to do the jokes (he's one) but simply laughs ' ha ha ha ' and makes everyone roll around the floor. He loves the reaction, and does it all the time.

CC said...

You are right. He DOES have a big personality! :)

Cookie said...

Cute pics!
He sounds like my boys, especially with the "jokes" that I never seem to understand :)


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Rachel said...

What is it with kids and poop jokes? Mine laugh hysterically at anything poop- or fart- related to. I don't get it.

Adorable family! I'm glad I found your blog (somehow)!