January 6, 2009

Lemonade and Pizza


The Happy Mom has awarded my wee little blog a Lemonade award.

Thanks Happy Mom! The Happy Mom is one of the blogs I've found through SITS. Pay her a visit, her blog is full of great reviews and suggestions for moms and families.

Now to pass it on... In honour of Happy mom, I'd like to pass it to some of the other new blogs I've found through SITS and PSF (hang on to your hats, people, this is quite a long list):

A Bubble in the Stream of Conciousness - I added Jill to my follow list because of her blog description: "my family is more fun than your family. disneyland IS the happiest place on earth. if you drive a convertible, put the top down...seriously....and carry a brush." Ha! I also really like her blog name. And it turned out her blog was every bit as fun to read as her blog description was.

Are We Nearly There Yet, Mummy?
- I started following Laura when I saw her profile picture. I feel like that picture most of the time. Plus her blog has a great look and she's really funny. This post is the best family update letter I've read in awhile.

Buried With Children - Jen has one year old triplets plus a three year old boy. She truly is buried with children. And she's funny, too... a delight to read.

Gourmet Mom On The Go - Mandy comes up with, hands down, the cutest nibbles on the webs. Flower cup quiche? Lego cookies? Yup. I'm no baker but I love dropping in to see what she's come up with.

Life Just Keeps Getting Weirder - Ain't that the truth? I actually discovered this blog when I saw a comment Anna made on someone else's blog and I admired her mustache so much that I had to click over to her blog. I'm glad I did. Anna is professionally funny and it shows.

Life with 3 Boys and a Little Lady
- Melissa awarded me a "I love your blog" award awhile back and now I'm happy to have an award to give to her. Life is never dull when you're raising 3 Boys and a Little Lady (and two dogs) and Melissa's blog is always fun to read. Melissa's husband recently had some bad news health-wise so she (and her family) need lots of bloggy support right now. Drop by and say hello.

Life is But a Dream - Stories of her past, shared with honestly and in small installments that will keep you checking back for more, mixed in with fun family moments from her present. Another great read.

Mommatudes - "Got an attitude? Get a Momma'tude!" that's what Mommatude's button says and I know that's a sentiment that you can get on board with! Mommatude, besides being a fab mom blogger, is also a crafty gal blogger - Knit Purl Girl (Knitting blog) and Scrap Paper Scissors (Scrapping blog). Also, she awarded me one of my favourite awards ever - the Friends award. So yay for Knit Pearl Girl!

My Noggin Bloggins - Debbie has an interesting story to tell. I'll let her describe it: "I am 51 years old, married with one daughter 22 years old. I am very happily married, finally, to a wonderful man. I found him on the third try. You know what they say, "The third times the charm." I have to say I agree whole-heartedly. He is charming. I have had gastric bypass surgery and in 12 months have lost over 100 pounds. Soon I will be allowed to have a tummy tuck to remove the excess skin. I have two step-daughters, five step-grandchildren and a grandson on the way. I have two dogs, two roosters, four hens, and 57 quail."

Girl Outnumbered - Michelle's "about me" section reads, "This is such a nice section. All I do is talk about my kids, so here's my chance to talk about me. Here goes nothing... Oh, I'll just finish this up later." I found this very funny and I can so relate.

The Big Picture - A fun blog to read. Funny and interesting and covering many topics from Buddhism to video game reviews - This blog's got it all.

A Thorn Among Roses - The roses represent all the women in the family: A mom and 4 girls. The thorn is the husband and father. This family has such an abundance of love, though, that I've never seen a less prickly thorn.

Scary Mommy - This mom is way more funny than she is scary. A delightful read.

A Womb at the Innsane - Best blog name ever? Maybe. Another rollicking fun and funny read.

Wow. I ran out of steam at the end there...

To all the lemonade awarded bloggers: I hope I adequately described all your blogs (I'm a new(ish) reader to most of them, after all). Let me know if there's anything vital I left out! I also hope I found all the blogs I meant to include in my reader! And I hope you enjoy your lemonade!

Everyone else - I hope you have a few minutes to visit these blogs - they're all worth a look-see.

And pizza - I just wanted to tell you that last night we ordered pizza - I got one with a multigrain crust, chicken, sliced tomatoes, roasted garlic and mushrooms. Best. Pizza. Ever. I highly recommend it, as well. So, here's my suggested serving: Order yourself one. Sit down with a big piece and check out the above lemonade blogs.

Thanks for stopping by. I'm going to go rest my typing fingers.

buh bye for now!



Scary Mommy said...

Awwww, THANKS!!!! Sounds like I'm in great company-- thank you for including me! :)

And that pizza sounds delish. Now, I'm hungry again!

Anna Lefler said...

Wow - thanks so much! I really appreciate that!

And happy new year!

:^) Anna

Merrily Down the Stream said...

Thanks Girlfriend! I'll pass it along after some thought. You rock...

Jen said...

Oh, thank you thank you thank you. I am so not worthy. There are just so many great blogs out there and so little time.

Laura said...

Thank you. At 7.30 on a very cold school morning, as my children kill each other, that's just what I needed!

Laura x

Knit Purl Gurl said...

WOWWEE!! Thanks so much!!! You're too sweet!!! :D

Debbie Y. said...

Thanks for the award. Thanks for thinking of little ole me. Bless your little pea pickin heart.

jill said...

you're sweet! thanks for thinking of me. i'm racing out the door but i'll pass it along when i get back.