January 1, 2009

Goodbye 2008!


If that was 2008 then I guess we've had it. (It's an old running joke in my family (my parents, that is, not my current self-made family) that after a meal we say, "Well if that was dinner then I guess we've had it." and then we chuckle good naturedly at our own wittiness... Funny, right? Or maybe you had to be there.)

Anyway. 2008... What to say? What to say? What a year.

To sum up, in 2008...

Hubby finished school and we packed up the family and moved halfway across the country. I was completely thrown for a loop at first. But, despite everything (moving to a new place, no local family or friends, new school in a new language (French)) it didn't take all that long to settle in. The people in our new town have been wonderful, especially the other moms at the kids' school. One in particular took us under her wing so send happy thoughts her way, okay? Thanks! They've all helped make our new town feel like a hometown.

I restarted this blog in January (I'd originally started it in 2006, but didn't stick with it) and I wrote 268 posts over the course of the year; some of them were even worth reading! Blogging has been amazing. I've met so many interesting and wonderful people through the blogs. It's been a journey and a lark. I've been having so much fun with it. It's nice, too, to have a place where I can share my thoughts and get creative.

Monkey started school and Buddy started grade 1. Both boys have done well in school and settled into our new town with impressive ease. They're both good at making friends and influencing people... So good, in fact, that they could write a book about the subject if someone hadn't beaten them to it.

I applied to grad school (gasp!). I haven't heard back yet, but I think I have a 30% chance of getting into the program. Hubby claims my chances are better than that, but I'm not so sure. If I get in, it will mean a lot of figuring out - how to pay for it, finding after school care for the kids, all that kind of thing. If I don't get it, it will mean a lot of figuring out - what now? What do I want to do? Should I upgrade more and try again or should I pursue something else? Either way, I'm terrified. I try not to think about it too much.

I started a craft blog. It's still a baby but I'm hoping to nurture it into blog-land health this year. I've been loving crochet. I made everyone a hat for Christmas and I made Christmas ornaments for my parents, my in-laws and my grandmother. I'm learning so much and getting better at it all the time.

So much happened in the wider world (there's a world outside my tiny domestic universe... Say WHAT?!). But you know all about that, don't you? Elections, gas prices, economic crises, bad news, bad news and a bit of good news. 2008 was a crazy year.

Our Year in Pictures:

I saw yesterday that people are sharing their year in pictures - one picture for each month of the year. Fun! Well, honey, stop that bandwagon because I want on!


After Christmas Clean-up.

Very, very snowy!


Having a great bloggy time with crochet giveaways and the like.

Buddy's Birthday (card from Granny). 6 years old!


It's hard walking in the snow!
And, yes, that is Canadian life guard stand.
(Canadian cause it's covered in snow... geddit?)

Mom and I took a trip to our new town in March to find a place for me and my little family to live.
Here's mom in the living room!


A Buddy school concert!


Pack up and move (the horrors!).

A visit from Granny.

Pretty flowers and trees... Everywhere!


We're having a great time settling into our new town.
We're not stressed.... Not at all!

End of year concert at Buddy's new school.
Do you see him? Second row, green shirt.


Canada day with Monkey, cousin BAM!, cousin The-Fabulous-Miss-J, and Buddy
Visits from family - my parents and my brother's family.

We boggle at Monkey's Mad drawing skillz.


Hubby's first day of work!

We visit the Fam in NB and Buddy gets to go fishing.


Back to school!

Monkey's birthday! 4 years old!


Dressed in warm things to go to school because of a crazy early snowstorm.

Life is grand!
We're not stressed... Not at all!

Madonna concert with CG!

Pumpkin carving!


The weather is still nice enough to hang out outside (literally, ha!) in only a thin jacket.

Hubby, at least, seems to be gaining some inner peace!
And I'm not stressed... Not at all!

We go Christmas shopping and make ourselves at home in Ikea.


The kids geek out with 3D glasses, which we picked up at the school book fair.

We made our own Christmas ornaments for our own little tree.

We spent Christmas week in NB with our families.
(Kids pictured here at Granny's house).
Go back to the January pictures and marvel at how much these boys have grown!

And there you have it! Our year summed up in pictures. That was fun! And now I challenge you to do the same! Be sure to come back and let me know if you do!

So that's it. Goodbye 2008! Hello 2009! I wonder what it will bring?

Only one way to find out...

Wait. And. See.

(duh dun duuuhhn!)

Happy New Year, everyone!

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jill said...

wow....you had quite a year. grad school?! that's ambitious -- you go girl!

loved the pictures!

Have a Fantastical 2009!

scrappysue said...

i love that post mel! esp that pic of monkey on his birthday - what a cute face! yep - new year always brings the chance to look back and go "WOW - mostly because it went so fast! my parents say the years go faster as you get older, so when my 17 (now 19) said that - it made me feel old! i'm sure 2009 will be as fun as 2008 was - here's to you and yours :)

Elaine A. said...

Ooooh, loved all the pics and the wrap up of last year (AHHH 'last' year!) I can't believe how fast 2008 went!!

And I can't believe it's been that long since you moved already... time flies!

Happy New Year friend!

Sass E-mum said...

Your various hat photos from 2008 were fabulous. I'm looking forward to a few more of those in 2009.

I think my all time favourite was the hat/bowl for your father in law!

Melissa said...

Great pictures...and GREAT re-cap!!! Happy New Year!!

Kimber said...

Good luck getting into grad school. Love all the photos.

Chris said...

Terrific summation of the last year -- it seems to have been quite eventful. I'm sure this year will be much calmer.


SaraLynn said...

What a great year in pictures!!!
glad to hear you are settling in. I have wondered what it would be like to be shuffled about like that. hubby has a job where transfers are possible. One day it sounds grand and the next scary! Imagine.....

Hope you are having a great day!