January 23, 2009

Gifts From the Other Side of the World

I recently won a giveaway at Sue's blog My Home Wellingtontown. Head over there and pay Sue a visit, she's having two huge giveaways to celebrate her Blogoversary (it seems like she's always having a giveaway - she's kind of rockin' like that)!


The giveaway I won was one Sue held with the announcement of her plans to celebrate her wedding anniversary with a trip to Europe and the U.K. I correctly guessed who she was going to drop in on in England - our mutual bloggy friend Sass E-mum from One Strangely Lush Mother. I admit I had a bit of an "in" in this contest because I've been reading both of these great bloggy ladies for almost a year now.

Today the package from Sue arrived. Inside I found:

An adorable card which Sue, being a complete scrapbooking diva, obviously created herself:

Nice, eh?

A sparkly heart-shaped ornament:

And a fun I Heart Wellington T-shirt:

The shirt does indeed fit, Sue. It's great. I'll probably wear it at the gym. I know I'll rock out to Zumba in an extra superfly way in this shirt.

Thank you!

PS: I'm glad to have you as my blog friend, too!



misspro312 said...

I never win giveaways and I try every time!! Congrats on winning some giveaways!

Anonymous said...

I never win giveaways, no matter what i do.