January 2, 2009

The Blog in 2008

I picked this up from Under the Mad Hat... As a way of looking back on her blog year, she took the 1st sentence of the 1st post of each month of the year... I'm going to do the same (I know what you're thinking... The mind boggles, doesn't it? Why am I looking back again? Do I not feel I've looked back enough? Am I trying to see how many ways one woman can rehash the past? Who can say? Who, I ask you, can say?).

Anyhoo, all questions as to the sensibleness of annoying my readers with this stuff aside, here's my list:

January: I was reading Jennsylvania today and decided I wanted a piece of the blogging fun.

February: A tiny voice from the direction of the bathroom this morning: "Mommy, I wet my bed."

March: I just checked my site meter and I'm at 500 visits.

April: Buddy worked on some math while waiting for his food. (This was a picture caption.)

May: She said she was moving... and she was never heard of again!

June: Okay then... Nobody knows what I was talking about when I put "Hello Polly!" into my yearbook write up back in 1993...

July: Hi y'all! (Does this count as a sentence? Not a verb to be seen... So here's the next one, too:) I've had some emails requesting an update & asking if I'm okay & where I went.

August: 1. Hammer Time. Yo, ring the bell cause school is back in session! (heehee)

September: For some reason I'm suddenly finding this blogging thing hard. (I know why... I'd stopped taking classes and my brain was atrophying. I'm still suffering from sever brain freeze.)

October: Whew! (A really Wordless Wednesday... this was the only word in the whole post.)

November: This song has been on constant replay in my head this week: (followed by a video of This Is Halloween from Nightmare Before Christmas).

December: I don't know who Burl Ives is, but it's definitely his voice I hear when I think of this song.

There you have it.

And what have I learned from looking back?

1. I don't write very fetching opening sentences.
2. I talk about myself too much (but then, I already knew that. I've worried about this on the blog before and someone pointed out in the comments that the blog is about me, after all... And they're right. I mean, I am the Reluctant Housewife... Ya heard?).
3. And, last but definitely not least, I learned that I write a lot of frivolous tripe. But then, that's kind of what I'm about. I mean, I'm in this to amuse myself (and hopefully a few other people, besides). Not that I'm proud of being shallow or anything.


maybe a bit proud. No.

not proud, exactly.

more, like, accepting of my shortcomings.

But what about YOU? What did your blog year look like?

Don't forget to let me know if you do the same year-of-the-blog listy thing!


ps: Thanks for putting up with all my frivolous tripe :) and Happy New Year again!



Elaine A. said...

Oh please, it's not frivilous tripe (because if yours is so is mine! HA HA HA!) ; )

I may do this too 'cause I like this kind of stuff! Thanks for the idea!

Leslie said...

Great post! happy new year!!

Tabitha Blue said...

I liked looking at your bloggy list!!!! Happy New Year... to another great year of blogging!!



scrappysue said...

that was cool, and i reckon i probably don't write very fetching opening sentences either, but i DO like the word fetching.. i might use it. soon

Rachael said...

Hi....visiting from SITS today! Love your blog...the title is great!

Have a wonderful New Year!!

Coffee with Cathy said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Love yours -- what a fun idea to look back at a year of blogging! Glad to have found you -- I can tell I'm going to be a regular visitor here.

Heather said...

Coming from sits! I agree there isn't any nice way of saying stay-at-home mom.

Kathy said...

What a great idea to do the first sentence :) Visiting from SITS, great blog, and I'm with you on the reluctant parts! :)

The Muse said...

I liked this post..
tripe? NO!

Jen said...

this was a very cool post.

scrappysue said...

unless of course you call yourself a domestic goddess!!! hehe