January 12, 2009

And so I Included This

It bothers me that what I spend my time doing is entirely unpaid and undervalued. It makes me crazy. And so, when I applied for grad school (and when I put my resume on Monster) I included the following on my CV:


Mother and Homemaker

February 2002-Present


  • Created a happy, healthy environment to foster positive emotional and physical development for two small boys

  • Provided early childhood education: Taught the children proper eating, dressing and toilet habits and personal hygiene, read and discussed books, encouraged creative expression through crafts, imaginative play, music and movement, visited local museums, libraries and parks and guided their social development

  • Maintained familial accounts and budgets

  • Organized and maintained schedules and made appointments

  • Planned and coordinated weekly special events and outings

  • Maintained a clean, well-organized environment

  • Ensured that clothing and household items were laundered, dry-cleaned, or mended when needed.

  • Planned and executed a healthy well-balanced menu of three meals a day, plus snacks, for a family of four

  • Maintained personal autonomy through continued learning, reading, crafting and writing

It is simply untrue that, because I'm not working outside the home, I am not using (or that I don't have) skills and experience which would be valuable in any workplace. It is also untrue that I'm not developing new skills and experience. This is not a cake walk, people. (I know YOU know that... but so many people don't). I'm not just sitting at home, watching Oprah and eating bonbons, after all (Oprah cuts way too much into my blogging time and bonbons make my butt look big).

And all the people who undervalue my work - my homemaking, my child raising, my crafting and my blogging? Yeah. They can TOTALLY suck it.

so there.

oh and ps: when I say "maintained a clean, well-organized environment"? That's a sometimes kind of thing - an every once in while kind of thing.

And that last one - that "maintained personal autonomy" one? is key. It's just so, so KEY.




Heather said...

I have a full time job, and wish I could get hired to be my housewife. In all, I go away to do absolutely nothing all day long. Seriously. In terms of contributions to humanity - I DO NOTHING! So,when it comes to resumes, people who have "work experience" have to pretend they did something with their lives and fill it in with meaningless blather. Resume's are also known as - a long handed form of admitted inadequacy...

Jen said...

you are so right! Being a mother and raising kids is the most important job out there but no one ever says so. I am so glad that you did this.

Working mum said...

Absolutely right. The skills needed to run a home are so varied and important, if I were recruiting I would take them into consideration.

But you forgot IT skills!!! How could you forget using the internet?!

Knit Purl Gurl said...

Up until this past school year, I was teaching anatomy and medical assisting classes (post-secondary) and acting as the clinical externship advisor or our school. I was working 60+ hours a week. This year, I chose to quit my job and become a SAHM for my 3 yo and my 13 yo Asperger's Syndrome child. I have to tell you that I work much harder now with absolutely NO pay or accolades. Last year, I was adult educator of the year.. this year, I'm "Mom, did you wash my gym clothes?" I hear ya, sista!

But even considering all of that.. I wouldn't trade it for the world. I'm glad I made the choice and was able to stay home. :)

mommy4life said...

I love your experience list. Can I borrow?

Ami said...

I totally agree with you here. Mothers and/or housewives are extremely undervalued and under-appreciated. I'm proud of you for stating that experience and using it in your CV. Your skills are valuable, whether you work in an office or spend your days raising children and managing a household. Good for you!