December 19, 2008

Sleigh Ride

by The Ronettes

This song is so much fun. "Just hear those sleigh jingling. Ring ting a ting a ling, too." And the horse sound effects... And friends calling "Yuhoo!" And rosy cheeks. And "Snuggled up together like two birds of feather would be." And the background singers: "Ring a ling a ling ding dong ding!" Whee! Fun.

Hey! How do you spell "yuhoo", anyway? I can't figure it out - yuhoo? youhoo? youhou? yuhu? yoohoo? Yeesh.



Pam (Pixie Dust Diva) said...

I love that song - just puts you in the spirit!

Working mum said...

This is my absolute favourite Christmas song. We played it every year in my school band (when I was a pupil, not a teacher!) and it always heralded Christmas for me.