December 24, 2008

School Pictures

This year's school pictures were odd because we had to pre-order them. We had to let the photo-taking company know what pose we wanted, which package we were ordering and we had to pre-pay before the photos were even taken. In our old hometown, we were always sent a sample picture and offered the chance to purchase photo packages if we liked it.

This year, we had to send Buddy back for retakes. He looked downright sullen in his first picture, kind of sad and kind of angry. We asked him why he was sulking in his picture and he told us that there was no real reason - he just didn't feel like smiling. So we practiced smiling and sent him back for try #2:

Buddy, try #2.

I ordered the 1/2 body pose for both boys' pictures but, for Monkey's picture, they took a head-and-shoulders shot by accident. Monkey's teacher called me and asked if I could bring Monkey back in for another picture. I did and, as a result, I ended up with two sets of photos of Monkey for the price of one. Yay!

Monkey, head and shoulders shot.

Monkey, 1/2 body shot.

They turned out cute, didn't they? (Except for the dorky blue background). I totally dig them.



Nicole said...

How cute! We sent back my oldest for retakes and they came out just as bad! Oh well.

CC said...

Super cute! I won't order school pics. too much risk involved. and my kids won't smile on command. ;)

Elaine A. said...

They did turn out great! What a couple of handsome guys you have there!

BTW, Happy New Year!

scrappysue said...

the dorky blue background is GLOBAL!!! one of those weird world-over things. they are cute, cute pics