December 8, 2008

Jingle Bell Rock

by Bobby Helms

This is, in my opinion, the best version of this song. I'd like to hear a more rockin' version of this one, but if you don't want canned drums and annoying wailing a la Girls Aloud, there's none to be had (that I could find). Although (Hey!) I just discovered Kylie Minogue's which is pretty rockin' and not bad at all. If you'd like a creepy version (which SHOULD have been rocky) check out Billy Idol who looks sort of like he's being forced to sing it at gunpoint, or something. For some ACK there's Hillary Duff's. And then there's THIS.

I think the prize goes to Bobby Helms. Yup. What do you think?



Working mum said...

Definitely! Looooooove it!

I sing this in a concert on Christmas Eve each year. It's fab! Has the audience rocking in the aisles.

tara @ kidz said...

Hands down best Christmas song ever.... when sung by Bobby Helms that is! =)