December 13, 2008

I Am Such A Winner

When I was a kid we used to hold our hands up to our foreheads in the shape of an L and say, "Loser!". That was our way of keeping anyone from getting too comfortable in their own skin.

When I moved away from the small town in which I grew up and graduated from school for the last time to start in my career in Toronto, I was surprised that the popular put down wasn't "Loser!". It was "Winner!". Whenever anyone did anything stupid, people would roll their eyes and intone, "God! You are such a winner!".

Winner was the new loser.


That is not the case here today. (aren't you relieved? I know I am.)

I've won some giveaways. Yay!

The first one - and I might have already told you this, but I don't think I have - was a $20.00 Chapters giftcard giveaway at SPOTLIS. The card arrived in the mail the other day and, instead of spending it on Christmas gifts for other people, I decided to spend it on myself! Novel idea, I know (pun intended - you know "novel" cause it's new, "novel" cause I spent it on books... at Chapters? Har! Hmmm - an aside - are jokes made funnier or less funny when you explain the heck out of them?).

ANYWAY... Yes. I bought myself Twilight and Wicked. Wicked is pretty enjoyable. I've been reading it in the bath. The musical based on the book is coming to town and I'm hoping to see it.

I bought Twilight because I've heard so much about it on the blogs. People seem to love it like nothing else. So I bought it and... Meh. It was enjoyable, but I'm not obsessed or anything. Maybe obsession grows in the next book? I don't know. I could stand a little getting caught up in a good book right now, though, so here's hoping.

I also entered a bunch of crafty giveaways during the Sew, Mamma, Sew! giveaway day. I won three of them. I know. Must be my lucky month. I'm very excited about them because I love crafty stuff. Check out the giveaway list at Sew, Mamma, Sew! The giveaway is over, but it's a great list of craft blogs, all of them worth a look.

I won a really cool zippered bag at Craftermath. Click the link to check it out - it's super cute.

I won a surprise at Mola coser. I don't know what it is yet but I know it's either something to keep me warm or something for me to keep things in. Either way, Yay!

And I won a lovely bag at Hot Butter! It's so pretty and I really needed a new bag.

Thank you to everyone for having the giveaways and for the great prizes!



Katie said...

Congrats on all the winnings! I got so excited when I saw the picture of Wicked because I thought you were going to say you won tickets to see the musical. I tried so hard to win tickets from the news when it played here but alas, no luck. I hear it's great!

Knit Purl Gurl said...

Holy giveaways, Batman! How on Earth do you win all of those giveaway?! Congrats to you.. I hope some of your winner's luck rubs off on me!!! :D

jill said...

Wicked (the stage show) is INCREDIBLE!!!! Don't miss's worth every penny. =D

scrappysue said...

you popped up on my google alerts for winning stuff - excellent work!

Merrily Down the Stream said...

Sheesh - you'd better stop entering for awhile and give the rest of us a go at it!