November 24, 2008

Oh Dear. Oh Me Oh My!

My laptop has kicked the bucket. I'm coming to you from my old laptop. Which is, you know, FINE n' all. BUT. My newer laptop is ill, possibly fatally.

It's all Norton's fault ... At least I think it is. Norton or Bell.

So we discovered it had a virus and some really annoying adware. So I wondered how that had happened. I thought we had protection. I checked online on my Bell Canada account page and it looked like we did not actually have the virus protection I thought we had. So I bought Norton. Norton cleared the virus off my laptop and then crashed all the other applications. Nothing was working. So I attempted to remove Norton. The remove program thing was only half successful, Norton did not want to be removed. I then discovered that we are indeed paying for virus protection from my internet service provider, Bell, it just wasn't turned on, or something. I tried to return Norton to Future shop but they won't take it back (oh, stupid Future Shop, how I dislike you) - even though it's killing my laptop. Argh. So, anyway. Last night the laptop seemed to be working okay again when suddenly Dun-dun-duuuuuunnn I got the dreaded blue screen. I turned it off and rebooted only to get the blue screen again. I rebooted in safe mode and backed up all my files (Ah! Family pictures, must save the family pictures!!). So I'm all backed up anyway. The stupid thing won't even turn on this morning. The good news is, though, that Hubby thinks it's still under warranty. So that's good... But I'm still out fifty bucks for Norton software that ate my computer. Grrr. Grrr.

Okay badly written rant - DONE. Feelings - VENTED.

Back to our regularly scheduled program.

But. This computer is. so. slow! Whaaaaaaan!

Sorry. I'm done now.



The Nag said...

I'm very, very scared. You're my third blogger buddy to be stricken with some awful cyber disease.

CC said...

YUCK!! Get better computer!!! Slow = bad