October 16, 2008


A few quick notes before we get to the fun stuff:

I had a very hard morning. Boo to the hoo. Late getting up, rushed, late getting to school. Monkey clinging to my legs as I tried to leave. Urg.... But that's all over now, on with the rest of the day, right?

I want to send a quick message out to the people who put the stickers on the back of their cars that look like bullet holes... People, those are not cool.

And I have so much to do today.

I have to work on my personal statement. I feel paralyzed when it comes to writing it. I know what I want to convey. I know what reaction I want the admissions people to have (namely: "Wow! Send this girl and acceptance letter RIGHT NOW and throw in a hefty scholarship while you're at it!")... but I can't seem to get it to work. I'm like a deer in headlights here.

And I have to get ready to leave... I'm heading to the big city for my girls' weekend tomorrow (yay!) and I need to pack and clean the house.

So yeah.

Wish me luck with everything. I probably need it.

So, in happier news... Let me share with you what I'm wearing to the Madonna concert!!

This black sweater. Which fits me better than this girl...
I fill it out more.

A black bag. Not exactly this one, but similar.

These boots.

These jeans.

What do you think? Too mumsy, or okay?



Beck said...

I think you'll look both chic and age-appropriate - not mumsy at all. (that would be me.)

Kristi Smith said...

madonna is going to be spewing coz u will look so HOT! i can't wait to hear what u think about her concert. love her or hate her, she sure puts on a good show. even from the 9th floor back row of madison square garden! we heard the same seats at your concert were going $300!

her show was an engineering feat. it was spectacular.

ENJOY and report back!

over and out from pohdunk missouri!!

Jaime said...

very cool...not too mumsy at all! :)

And I SO agree about the stickers that look like bullet holes...not cool at all.

echoeve said...

I think the outfit is very shall I say hot.

I think the bullet holes are dumb too however, when they first came out I was like. Wow wonder where I can get some. Then after I saw them 100 times I thought 'I am glad my crazy spell is over.

CC said...

Oooo la la!!

Working mum said...

I love that sweater; is it available in the UK? Not too mumsy at all.