October 8, 2008


A few quick messages:

To the squirrels: You need to stop running across the street in front of my car. I did slam on my brakes this morning to avoid hitting you. I was lucky there wasn't anyone behind me. If at any moment it comes between protecting the safety of my kids, myself or even my car and protecting your safety... Dude, you are SO going down.

So, yeah, quit it. Understood? Good.

And it would be nice if you stopped fighting noisily with each other in my back yard, too, okay?

Great. Thanks.

To the admissions people at the school of graduate studies: Um... Hi! I would really appreciate it if you give me a chance. Thanks.

To post secondary education: You are wasted on the young. I would take you much more seriously now than I did when I was a full-time student fifteen years ago.

To the police officer who was watching the traffic at the stoplight: Thanks for not laughing at me when you saw me rockin' out to my tunes in my car.

And, finally, to my housework: Stop it, already. I give in. You win.

And now my resolutions. I have 5.

I resolve:

To do better with the required daily tidying. Right now it feels like I'm drowing in a sea of clutter. The housework is winning right now, but I'm planning a comeback. Also, as part of this resolution, I'd like to be more organized.

To stop being terrified of not getting into grad school. If I don't get in, I will simply figure out something else to do with my life. I want this, but it won't be the end of the world if I don't get it.

To stop being terrified of getting into grad school. If I do get in, I'm sure I can work out a way to pay for it and someone to watch the kids after school so I can attend. I'm sure I can do the work and fit in with the other students. It's not that scary. Whimper.

To make it to the gym more often. I keep meaning to go four of five times a week. I've only managed two or three the past two weeks, and before that when I had a really bad head cold, I didn't go at all for over a week. Oh, yeah, and I might like to try eating better, too... As part of that "feeling good" thing.

That's it. If I can stop freaking out about applying to grad school, clean, work out, eat better, and become more organized... Well... I'll be cleaner, more organized and much much calmer.

And there you have it.

Do you have anything you're resolving to do?



The Woman said...

I never slam on my breaks for a squirrel, I just squeaze my steering wheel and pray for that stupid little creature in the road. If I slammed on my breaks I know there will be another squirrel waiting at the side of the road to give the one in the road a high five for wrecking me.

Beck said...

I saw a squirrel SITTING ON THE BABY'S TRIKE yesterday, eating a pinecone! It was so cute that I just about fainted. AWWWWWWWWW.

Elaine A. said...

Always struggling with the working out/eating better one. Always.

Damn squirrels.

Working mum said...

I'm resolving to stay sane as we approach the busiest time of the academic year (every year I vow I'm going to take a sleeping bag and sleep at school for November).

Funnily enough I saw two dead squirrels on the road this morning, must be the season for it.

Good luck with grad school - I was nervous about not getting in at MMU when I applied for my MSc and it turned out they were worried I would choose somewhere else! Believe in yourself!

Sass E-mum said...

err... write something on my blog.

What happened to THAT week? Where'd it go??