October 27, 2008

Party Punch Recipe

No, no, silly!
Not that kind of punch...

This tangy punch can be enjoyed all year long; its combination of fruity flavours and fizziness is a refreshing addition to any gathering.

Combine the following frozen juices in a punch bowl, do not add water:

1 can of Bacardi Strawberry Daiquiri Mix
1 can of 5 Alive Tropical Citrus (the one in the purple can)
1 can of Pink Lemonade 1 can of Orange Punch (make sure it's the punch, not the juice)

And: 2/3 of a 2L bottle of 7 Up, Sprite or Ginger Ale
1/4 of a 1L bottle Pink Grapefruit Drink (the fizzy kind)

Stir well and refrigerate until needed. This can be made a bit in advance of your party, but not too early or it will lose its fizziness.

Immediately before serving, add a 375ml bottle of champagne.

If you're making the punch for children or anyone who doesn't drink alcohol, you can replace the champagne with more 7up and pink grapefruit drink.

To decorate, place a piece of seasonal fruit in each section of an ice-cube tray, fill with water and freeze. Add to the punch right after adding the champagne. It will look pretty and keep the punch cold, and your guests can take one of the cubes in their glass if they wish. If you're hosting a fancier occasion, like a wedding reception, you can also buy a round, doughnut shaped ice tray, called an "ice ring". It makes a good-sized ring of ice. Place seasonal fruit in it, add water and freeze. It makes a very pretty decoration for your punch.

That's more like it!




Honey Mommy said...

Ooh! That punch looks yummy!

CC said...

Yum! I luvs me a good punch ;)