October 2, 2008


Remember this:

Yes that's my friend from college (I'm calling her 'CG'), Madonna and me.

I think we all look kind of alike in these pictures, don't you?

It's the hair, I think...

But, whether or not I look like Madonna is beside the point right now.

The important information is that I am going to see Madonna in concert with CG in about two weeks...


What am I going to wear?

Hmmm... I wonder if my worrying about this right now is the final proof of how silly and frivolous I am at heart. Because right now? There are more important things I could be worrying about. Like, for instance, the federal election here in Canada (yes we are having one too, what? Did you think you invented them or something?)... Or, like, my application to grad school... Or, you know, raising my kids... But, come on, it's Madonna. I've been listening to Madonna since my parents gave me a single of Lucky Star for my ninth birthday.

You must be my lucky star
‘Cause you shine on me wherever you are
I just think of you and I start to glow
And I need your light
And baby you know

Starlight, star bright first star I see tonight
Starlight, (star bright) make everything all right
Starlight, star bright first star I see tonight
Starlight, (star bright) yeah

I remember singing along and feeling oh so cool, "Starlight! yeah."


It's a whole big night out thing, too. We have a hotel booked and plans to shop and eat and, you know, do grown up stuff. Without any kids. The kids are staying at home with Hubby. They will not even be in the same city as me. This is kind of a big deal. You know... in a small way.

So, yeah.

Oh my god, people! What am I going to wear?



scrappysue said...

well, when I go see madonna in TWO days time!!! (lol) - i'm going to wear nice jeans and an even nicer top. how's that sound? me and the mom bomb are gonna rock MSG - have fun on your 'me time' trip with CG - can't wait to hear all about it!!!

Sass E-mum said...

It would always be tempting to go in a 90's Madonna tribute pointy bra.

But that might just be me.

I'd wear a fab top and jeans. But most importantly, I'd want my hair to feel swishy, glossy and glamorous. If my hair feels great... (I think I've seen too many L'oreal adverts).

Have a great time with Madge. She's going to be so pleased to see you.

echoeve said...

Oh my I would love to go is Madonna.
I have her 4 minute song for my ringtone right now.

I have her greatest hits, I even loved her in Dick Tracy.

Oh I would Love love love to see her.

have a fab time and you must tell all when you return

Elaine A. said...

Whatever you do I am saying NOT to go with the cone bra. I know you are tempted (I would be too.) but don't do it! ; )

Sounds like SO much fun!

Colleen said...

No, I'd totally be doing the same thing. A night out with the girls? I'M JEALOUS! ;-)

Un Peu Loufoque said...

Well dear don't ask me since the only thing I have is jeans and sloppy joes so can't help. But a grown up night out AND a sleepover...I'm a reluctant housewife too can I get a grant for one of those please? Nearest I get it s visit to the supermarche!!

Don Mills Diva said...

I have no advice.

I am too busy seething with jealousy.

Barb said...

oh I so hate having to find something to wear.... and of course you want it to be perfect.... sorry I have no suggestions... but I like sass e-mum's idea..lol

I have tagged you...

Danielle said...

Don't worry about what to wear....just "Vogue"!

SaraLynn said...

OMG!!! How fun! I would be having the same anxiety attack!!!

Keep us updated!