September 30, 2008

An Extremely Frivolous Post

I was putting together this post and it was going to be about how I don't really go for the "leading man" type. So I was putting together some examples of characters that I dig and I noticed something...

I think I have a type.

Check these guys out... Don't you think they have a similar look?

TJ Thyne, who plays Dr. Jack Hodgins on Bones. I like his blue eyes (do you see how blue his eyes are?) and curly hair.

Josh Jackson who played Pacey Witter on Dawson's Creek back when I was a young, impressionable girl... And who now plays Peter Bishop on the new show Fringe.

Jensen Ackles, who plays Dean Winchester on Supernatural.

I find this to be a surprising development. Life changing, even. I hear heavenly singing. The world suddenly makes sense.

I have a type. Who knew?

So... Comments, please...

I'm not good at labeling this kind of thing. So help a girl out. What type is this?


I know they're not the top of most people's list of hotties. What do you think of these guys?


Do you have a type? Tell us what it is and give us an example of an actor who fits it.

Funtimes... funtimes. Nothing is better than having ridiculously silly conversations about which TV characters I like when the world is falling down around my ears, is there? Whee!

Okay... I'm off to hang with my kidlets. Buh-bye-bye, for now-now!

Edited to add: You called them "ruggedly handsome, young and boyishly handsome"... The young/boyish thing made me wonder how old these actors actually are... I turned to google and, much to my relief (I don't want to be accused of being a TV watching cradle robber) they're my age - TJ Thyne is 33 and the other two are 30. Seems appropriate. I think I can safely continue my silly TV crushing. Whew.



CC said...

Don't know the type, but I agree they are something pretty special ;)

CC said...

Forgot to add that I was ROTFL when you wrote out all your exclamation points and brackets in your comment to me!

scrappysue said...

ummmm - you like hot guys on the tv??? i dunno - they're all just eye candy to me lol

Elaine A. said...

It's like rugged but boyish. Does that makes sense? They definitely look similar.

My type is anyone named Matt Damon. : )

Beck said...

Boyishly handsome.
And I REALLY think that TJ Thyne is one of the best looking guys on tv. So cute!

Susie said...

Rugged, young - just slightly scruffy - kind of the JCrew model type, no?

Put some glasses on those guys and that is totally my type;)

Debbie said...

I'm a little to old to think this, but they are all easy on the eyes. I think I like the same type. Oh, I would put my baby Orlando on there. Otherwise, good list.

suzannah said...

joshua jackson is so sexxy, and i'm so glad he's back on tv! (although, admittedly, i prefer dawson's to fringe.)

thanks for stopping by my blog today!

Bea said...

The adjective I was thinking of was rumpled. Boyish works too, though - you can be boyish without being a boy, just like you can be childish without being a child.

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