September 29, 2008

Inukshuk Sunday

This Sunday we went for a short drive to look at the autumn trees.

We found a park where someone had piled and balanced rocks. The resulting sculptures reminded me of inukshuks, the traditional inuit rock piles that are, according to Inukshuk, "monuments made of unworked stones that are used by the Inuit for communication and survival. The traditional meaning of the inukshuk is 'Someone was here' or 'You are on the right path.'" I found the shapes formed by these piles of rock quite figural, they looked like people gathered together to admire the river. A plaque said that the same person builds the rocks up every summer and that they get knocked back down every winter. It was really cool... Check out the pictures:

The rocks are not held together by anything, they're just stacked and balanced. Keeping that in mind, look at the round rock balanced on top of the diamond shaped rock in the background on the right. Amazing.

And check out the super-cute kids, too.

See what I mean? They almost look like figures, don't they?

There were TONS of them. Whoever is responsible is really dedicated. Okay. I just looked it up. These sculptures are by John Ceprano.

Love them!



Sass E-mum said...

I read about these in the weekend papers. Very cool. Well done for not knocking any over.

Not sure I'd have taken Peaches...

Amanda said...

Yes, those are way cool. What a free spirit to keep coming back and putting them up. I think I might be too uptight for that.

scrappysue said...

they're awesome! great pics

Tirzah said...

Those are amazing!