September 2, 2008


My google reader is at zero!

For a few minutes anyway. It'll be back up over 100 tomorrow, I'm sure. Zero never lasts very long.

Hubby is upstairs putting the kids to bed and I'm stretched out on the living room couch with a headache reading blogs. After the kids are in bed, Hubby will head to the gym. He'll work out and then he'll come home where we'll watch an episode of the f-word online then go to sleep. It'll be a nice, relaxed evening.

And my google reader is at zero.

My work here is done.

kisses y'all!



Don Mills Diva said...

I don't know if I've ever seen my reader at zero - I'm jealous!

scrappysue said...

if your google red is at zero, they how come you didn't say hello huh? I MISS YOU!!! and i have another giveaway running!!!