September 2, 2008

False Starts

For some reason I'm suddenly finding this blogging thing hard. I still enjoy it and I intend to push on with it but I can't seem to put together a decent post. I'm feeling some real frustration, mostly with myself. I mean, come on! Pull it together girl!

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Here are a few examples of some false-start-blog-posts I've had lately:

False start #1:

10 Things I Don't Understand

So can you help a blogger out? I need help with a few things:

1. Twitter. I don't get it. I'm on it. I still don't get it. What am I missing? I keep reading how people are addicted to it. I think it's kind of dull.
Are you on twitter? If you are, let me know and I'll add you to my follow list.

2. Why weekends are so stressful. I always feel pressured to live it up. Then I feel disappointed in myself when I don't.

3. Make-up. I don't think it makes people look better. I think it looks unnatural.

4. Quantum physics.

5. Why people keep staring at me. Is it just me or do people stare at you too? I wonder about the staring. I mean, is it for a good reason - like that I'm shiny or interesting... or is it for a bad reason - like I have something caught in my teeth or I have really weird fashion sense?

So, enlighten me with your sage advice, yo.

Edited now to add: As you can see I only made it to 5 things. There are tons of things I don't understand, but I try to keep the feeling at this blog fairly light and playful and talking about how I don't understand religious wars and bigotry is not light or playful, is it? Anyway. I also think I tend to talk about myself a bit too much.

False start #2:

Label This, Beyatch

Soccer Mom
Rock Chick

Edited now to add: Right now this is just a list of labels. I was going to talk about the ease people have with slapping labels on other people... And, in the grand tradition of talking too much about myself, I was going to talk about how I don't know which label I fit into... And then I was going to talk about whether or not labels are important... And I was going to ask what label you felt you fit into because I'm also interested in you.

False Start #3:

The Matching Family

Canada Day - Red and White.

Edited now to add: That's all I had. Then I was going to talk about why we were so matchy (Canada Day) and then I was going to share pictures. I ended up using the pictures in another post.

So, yeah. I start and then I think BORING! and then I stop. This post too - Argh! Boring.

I've kind of lost my way here somewhere. I think it's all the change - moving, not taking courses anymore, the kids are home full-time now, etc... I've also lost a lot of my free time and my lifestyle is completely different. Don't get me wrong, though. It's not all bad. In fact, most of it is good. It's just different.

Feel free to comment on anything you've read above. Or whatever.... Just to say hi. Why not, right?



Elaine A. said...

Twitter took me a little while to get used to but now I really like it and if you don't have a ton of time to blog these days, twitter is just quick little messages. My twitter name is "elainea" if you want to follow moi.

Love th face on the bathtub, too funny.

p.s. as far as my free time goes in my post, it's 11 hrs a week total. 5.5 per Tues/Thurs. I can't even begin to imagine what I would do with 11 hrs a day! Oh wait, yeah, I would just sleep! : )

Katie said...

I don't get Twitter either. My husband loves it and I just don't get it. When I asked him why, he said because he doesn't have the time or attention span to read whole blog posts. And yet he has over 700 blogs in his reader. Go figure...

Jules said...

Well, since I'm going through the same thing I have no advice. I'll just say hi.

Hi! :)

Amanda said...

I think we all go through that. You'll come up with something. You're pretty good at this whole thing. I don't get the twitter and of course your blogging is about you goofball. If it was about someone else this wouldn't be 'the reluctant housewife', would it?

Mad said...

I'm just starting to like Twitter. I get to have quick conversations with some of the bloggers that blogging has helped me know in depth. I often realize that I can avoid blogging about a topic b/c I can dispense with it as a 140 char, one-liner. Twitter appeals to the smart-alec in me.

Ami said...

10 Things

1. I am on twitter (smtwngrl). I'm not sure how I feel about it, either. Sometimes I think it's cool, sometimes I don't know why I use it.

2. I don't understand this either.

3. I think make-up, when used correctly, can accentuate a person's appearance. However, I don't understand why women use makeup to achieve a "natural look". Huh?


Don't like them, but I think they're essential for our ability as humans to process information. Unfortunately, they often lead to stereotypes and prejudices.