September 29, 2008

Crime Scene Investigation

Detective, we got a call this morning from this address reporting a class 3 coffee spill.

Right. Secure the area and check for clues.

Detective! I've found a clue.

It appears to be the outline of a foot.

If we can identify whose foot this is...
We'll know who spilled the coffee.

The only people in the house at the time the coffee was spilled were:



the Reluctant Housewife.

If we can secure photos of their feet we should be able to determine who's responsible. We'll need a warrant.

I'll get on it right away, Detective.

Some time later...

Detective! I have the foot photos you requested.

That's Monkey on the left and the Reluctant Housewife on the right.

What do you think, Detective?

I'm not sure... Let's compare these with the picture we took of the outline in the coffee.

Detective! We've had our team of image experts examine and juxtapose the photos of the feet with the photos of the outline in the coffee. We have a match!

Excellent. Who did it?

Well Detective, they sent us this:

Excellent. I'd say this evidence is definitive.

I absolutely agree, Detective! Obviously our culprit is... the Reluctant Housewife.

Yes. Bring her in and...

Yes, Detective?

Make her clean it up!

Nooo! Don't me clean up! Anything but that!

Another case solved!

Excellent work, Detective.

Remember. The moral of this case is clear:

No matter who you are...

Crime Does Not Pay



Working mum said...

Thanks for that - you've really cheered me up! How do you think of these things?

Elaine A. said...

Shouldn't this CSI be a "Coffee Scene Invesitgation?" Not that funny? I know... sorry.

Cute post! : )

scrappysue said...

you're funny! ever thought of doing stand-up!?! elaine's CSI is funny too!

The Griffis 4 said...

thats was the funniest post!

CC said...

hahahaha! But also waaaaaaaaaaa! all that wasted coffee!