August 18, 2008

Lyrics Game

Here's how you play:

1. Pull up your playlist (iTunes, MP3 player, whatev) and put it on random.
2. Take lyrics from the 1st 20 songs.
3. Make your readers guess what the songs are.
4. No googling

There ya go. Here's the songs... Can you name them?

Look at your watch now
You're still a super hot female
You got your million-dollar contract
And they're all waiting for your hot track

***Gwen Stephani - What are you waiting for?***
Guessed by Sass.

My father worked in construction
Its not something for which I am suited
Oh, what is something for which you are suited?
Getting out of here

Wound up drunk again on Robson St.
Strange cuz we always agreed
At the start of every evening
That's the last place I wanna be
Coffee drinkers dressed in black with no sugar
They don't give me no respect
They say look here comes another one
And I don't know what they mean yet

I'm searching for things that I just cannot see
Why don't you don't you don't you come and be with me
I pretend to be cool with me, want to believe
That I can do it on my own without my heart on my sleeve
I'm running, I'm running, catch up with me life
Where is the love that I'm looking to find
It's all in me, can't you see, I can see, why can't you see it's all in me

***Nelly Furtado - Turn off the light***
Guessed by ScrappySue's Teens.

We arrived in December and London was cold
We stayed in the bars along Charing Cross Road
We never saw nothin' but brass taps and oak
Kept a shine on the bar with the sleeves of our coats

Took a trip on a bus that I didn't know
Met a girl sellin' drinks at the disco
Said truth comes back when you let it go
Seems complicated cause it's really so simple
Walkin' down Yonge Street on a Friday
Can't follow them, gotta do it my way
No fast lane, still on the highway
Movin' in and out, no doubt there's a brighter way...

where are the kids?

maybe pregnant; or on drugs; or on welfare; on top of the world; on the honor roll; on parole; on the Dodgers; on the back of milk cartons; on stakes in the middle of cornfields; on covers of future history books; on old ladies' mantles; walkin' on water; nailed on crosses

I think it's time I had a talk with my kids
I'll just tell 'em what my daddy told me:

I been thinking
Of a little place down by the lake
They got a dirty little road leading up to the house
I wonder how long it will take till we're alone
Sitting on the front porch of that home
Stomping our feet on the wooden boards
Never gonna worry about locking the door

I caught you smiling at me - that's the way it should be
Like a leaf is to a tree
So fine

All the good times we had, I sang love songs so glad
Always smiling, never sad
So fine

She wants a car with a cupholder arm rest
She wants a car that will get her there
She's changing her name from Kitty to Karen
She's trading her MG for a white Chrysler Le Baron

So that's right dude, meet me at the bleachers
No principals, no student-teachers
Both of us want to be the winner, but there can only be one
So I'm gonna fight, gonna give it my all
Gonna make you fall, gonna sock it to you
That's right, I'm the last one standing, another one bites the dust

***Gwen Stephani - Hollaback girl***
Guessed by Amanda.

Faster than the speeding light she's flying
Trying to remember where it all began
She's got herself a little piece of heaven
Waiting for the time when Earth shall be as one

***Madonna - Ray of light***
Guessed by Elaine and Amanda in an impressive team effort.

Who am I? You I am sure of
Your sound is sweet, the mosquitoes sweep
While I am sure of no one.

Under your trees I forget about me
And in your grass I remember him
I close the gates on marble floors
... Please set me free

Dreams cast into the sky
I'm moving on
Sweet beginnings do arise
She knows I was wrong
The notes are old
They bend, they fold
And so do I to a new love

Did you think that I would cry
On the phone?
Do you know what it feels like
Being alone?
I'll find someone new

It started out with a kiss
How did it end up like this
It was only a kiss, it was only a kiss
Now I’m falling asleep
And she’s calling a cab
While he’s having a smoke
And she’s taking a drag
Now they’re going to bed
And my stomach is sick
And it’s all in my head
But she’s touching his—chest
Now, he takes off her dress
Now, let me go

***The Killers - Mr. Brightside***
Guessed by ScrappySue's teens.

See I'm a young soul in this very strange world
Hoping I could learn a bit bout what is true and fake
But why all this hate? try to communicate
Finding trust and love is not always easy to make

The waves keep on crashing on me for some reason
But your love keeps on coming like a thunderbolt
Come here a little closer
'Cause I wanna see you, baby, real close up
(Get over here)
(Get over here)

***No Doubt - Hella good***
Gussed by Elaine and ScrappySue teens.

There was a factory
Now there are mountains and rivers
you got it, you got it

We caught a rattlesnake
Now we got something for dinner
we got it, we got it

There was a shopping mall
Now it's all covered with flowers
you've got it, you've got it

If this is paradise
I wish I had a lawnmower
you've got it, you've got it

We slip through the streets
While everyone sleeps
Getting bigger and sleeker
And wider and brighter
We bite and scratch and scream all night
Let's go and
Throw all the songs we know

(Yo, check this out right here)
Dude wanna hate on us(dude)
Dude need to ease on up(dude)
Dude wanna act on up
But dude get shut like flavor shut(shut down)
Chicks say, she ain't down
But chick backstage when we in town(ha)

Edited to add: Not all of them are Gwen Stephani, but 3 were. I considered changing one of them because I wanted to include Hitchin' a ride by Greenday but Hubby pointed out that 3 Gwen S. songs in a list of 20 is "clumping" and shows true randomness... We learned about it reading (and I can't remember the name of the book!) a book about using statistics in everyday life - to figure out gambling chances, or the chances of your airplane crashing. We didn't finish it, though. I found the author very annoying and kept "pfft"ing and "OMG"ing. He basically started with the idea that all his readers are morons. Anyway, I decided to leave it the 3 Gwen songs as-is.

Thanks for playing! Clues to come soon if no more guesses show up.



Elaine A. said...

#12 - Madonna - "And I feel, Like I just got Home..." (not sure if that is the title though...)

#17 - Gwen Stefani/No Doubt Cannot remember the name of the song.
I suck, I know.

OH and I've heard #15 on the radio like a gazillion times but don't know the band or the name. Fun game!

Sass E-mum said...

Elaine - I am so much more rubbish at lyrics than you.

I'm sure the 'super hot female' at #1 is Gwen Stefani/no doubt, but as for the song title... la la la la, I can never remember the detail. Like the vibe though.

Confession: I don't have an iPod. I leave the music to Recaro, life is simpler that way.

scrappysue said...

too hard and my tummy's rumbling! just wanted to say a canadian won a silver on the high bars and a canadian got the silver and we got the bronze in the men's triathlon yesterday. more with the good sharing!

Amanda said...

I know number 11!! It's Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani.

Elaine, I think that song was Ray of Light??? Maybe? You don't suck at all. I totally had nothing at all for any of them except #11.

That sure was fun and I just got an ipod for my anniversary so maybe I'll do this one.

Sass E-mum said...

I can see a trend here... are they ALL Gwen Stefani/No Doubt?

I much enjoyed seeing the Canadian triathlon athlete bouncing his way over the finishing line into 50th place yesterday.

scrappysue said...

ooooo - i didn't see that one! only the guy coming in for the silver!

scrappysue said...

ok - leave it to the teenagers (and they didn't cheat!)

4 is nelly frittata
11 might be linkin park?
15 is the killers mr brightside and
17 is no doubt (or gwen stefani)

someone else's turn!

nice music you have on your ipod tho!

Reluctant Housewife said...

Yay! I am so happy people are playing.

You're all right - although, for the most part, you're all terrible with song names! Don't feel bad though. I'm terrible with names too (terrible) so you fit right in.