August 2, 2008

10 Things That Were Cool When I Was Growing Up

1. Hammer Time. Yo, ring the bell cause school is back in session!

2. Dexter Boat Shoes. Everybody had these. We had a special way of tying the laces, too.

3. Plastic floss friendship bracelets which we wove ourselves out of this stuff:

4. Beverly Hills 90210. I liked the guy in the front row who was younger (I think) and had a crush on Tori Spelling's character. I always have gone for the class clown type.

5. Big bangs and perms. I missed out on the perm, but I definitely had the bangs.

6. Converse sneakers. Mine were red.

7. Sock Hops. At my school these were shoeless dances which took place at noon hour on Fridays in the gym and which cost fifty cents. The boys would stand on one side of the room and the girls on another... Then, finally, someone would start to dance and everyone else would join in.

8. BMX bikes. I had a red and black one. My brother's was black and yellow.

9. Mood rings. Mine was always blue, I wonder what that meant?

10. Ghostbusters. This movie is still cool.

What was cool when you were growing up?



scrappysue said...

funny that chucks are totally trendy right now! seeing as i'm 45 and probably significantly older than you mel, it's bound to be quite different, but i remember muslin-type shirts with grandpa collars and button up sleeves! funny, coz miss 16 just got a check shirt with button up sleeves - i think it's hysterical how things come around.

oh - and charlie browns (shoes).

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

wot a great idea..l think l shall do the big hair and stripey sox, can say l ever saw 90210 of course heard of it, but l was out and baout way before then like scarppy sue, in fact probably way before that too!! LOL

Beck said...

WE were teenagers at the same time and MY PARENTS BANNED HAIRSPRAY.
No child of theirs would have sprayed hair. I was The Girl At High School With Flat Hair In The 80s. Oh, the trauma.

Beck said...

OH! OH! And 90210 was banned, too.
Freaking parents.

Working mum said...

Ha ha ha! Very similar stuff over here. You brought back memories of those lunchtime discos, so much fun! Also legwarmers a la "Fame"!

Elaine A. said...

ok. who's boat shoes are those?

My parents wouldn't really let me watch 90210. And then I didn't care when I was 18.

Let's see, at my middle school you had to have Guess! jeans, a Liz Claiborne purse and keds. Oh and the big hair!

Alexis Jacobs said...

I think we grew up at the same time :) How about pinstripe jeans?

Amanda said...

I'm close to your age so all of that rings a bell. I was so fascinated with whether or not 'Donna and David' were going to get it on. Also, I couldn't ever get my hair as high and I still don't know what I was doing wrong. I guess I wasn't cool enough to have the mall hair.
Did you ever tight roll your jeans? Some people called it peg legging them. All the way at the bottom you would fold it over and roll it up. Who came up with that and why? It is the most hideous thing that could ever be done to a pair of jeans.

Reluctant Housewife said...

I remember pinstriped jeans!

What about acid-washed? They were huge at my school. Also, those shirts that changed colours? They were like mood rings, but they were actually shirts?

Leg warmers! Yeah!

Gel bracelets and slap bracelets were also big.

Potato sack pants.

Amanda... Donna and David, yeah. Did they ever get together? I can't remember. And yes... I did tight-roll my jeans. Especially when I was wearing my boat shoes.

Elaine, I have no idea whose boat shoes those are... but I can tell you they're for sale on Ebay.

Crochet Diva said...

Oh yeah, had the bangs AND the perm LOL

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Total Ghostbusters' fan here!