July 28, 2008

Movie Game Update

Only one movie (#8) left unguessed at my Kid's Movie Guessing Game.

Here's a clue: Studio Ghibli. Go and make your guess, but remember - No googling; I'll wait.

Are you back? Great.

As for the rest of the movies:

Good guessing, everyone!

Here's a clip from each of the movies I chose... Unfortunately, in most cases, these are not the clips that involve the quotations I used, but still. I'll include a reason why I picked the clip with each one. Plus a little linky love for all the correct guessers.

#1 Lilo and Stitch. Guessed by Candy (in an anonymous comment, so I can't link to her).

This is the opening to the movie. It establishes a sense of place and it's pretty. This one includes English subtitles for the Hawaiian words.

#2 The Sound of Music. Guessed by Elaine.

I love this song. I think it's funny. I also love the shot of the grown-ups laughing indulgently at the children's little show - it's kind of fake, which is funny too.

#3 Mulan. Guessed by Mia's Mamma.

Not that many clips existed for Mulan on youtube. I had to choose between this song, I'll Make a Man Out of You, A Girl Worth Fighting For, and that Song about Mulan's reflection. I chose this one. It establishes women's place in the society at the time (as much as a Disney movie is ever going to) and Mulan's character (it shows her as smart and independent). So there you go...

Also, who doesn't love a spa day?

#4 My Neighbour Totoro. Guessed by Far To Go Meg.

This is the perfect clip. It just is.

#5 Mary Poppins. Guessed by Sass E-mum.

Because who doesn't love to see a buncha old dudes singing and dancing?

#6 The Parent Trap. Guessed by Mad.

Again, there was not an abundance of clips. I liked this one best. You can watch the entire movie at youtube if you want to, by the way. Oh, yeah... they've trapped their parents... With spaghetti and a dance routine. Yup.

#7 Shrek. Guessed by ScrappySue and Tyketto.

It's the trailer for the movie, y'all. Just because I can.

#8 NOT GUESSED YET. Want another clue?

Here ya go:

That probably gave it away... Oh well.

#9 The Goonies. Guessed by Katie and Mad. Katie, I missed your name at the other post! Sorry! I've added it in now.

And BOOM! I got the actual quotation I used. (And that Mad used when she played the same game a few months ago).

#10 Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Guessed by Sass E-mum.

Ever wondered what would happen if you rounded up Joan of Arc, Beethoven, Freud, Billy the Kid, Socrates, and Ghengis Khan and set them loose in a 1980's shopping mall? Of course you have... I mean, who hasn't? Well, here's your answer:

So there ya go. Clips. Whee!

Hey! Comments are fun too. Which was your favourite clip? Would you have chosen differently?


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scrappysue said...

YOU fave it away mel! when the clip finished and my mouse was over the swuare, it came up with a whole lot of stills and the name of the movie - i found out by accident!!! hehe cute song