July 30, 2008

Catching Up With You and Some Pictures of Me and Mine

You don't know it, but I am reading your blogs...

I was away for a short while and, upon my return to google reader, I was shocked to find over 1000 unread posts waiting to be enjoyed. I am now down to 284. Last night and this morning I've read simply Oodles of new posts at Sass's, Sue's, Mad's, Gerbil's, Amanda's and Working Mum's blogs. I've caught up with Elaine and Lindsay and the diva. I read no less than 22 posts at Fussy and 25 at Meg's blog. I've been reading, yo.

There's a bunch more that I have yet to get to - David, CC, Quirky, Beck, and That Chick for example... Not to mention the Nag, who has a whopping 145 posts for me to check out.

Wow you've all been so busy! Whew. Slow down and let a girl catch up, wontcha?

Great stuff, by the way. Keep it up, sistahs.

And now... because I haven't shared them yet, here are some extraneous shots of my family on Canada day (July1). My brother and his family were in town and we all dressed in red and white (national colours) to celebrate the day.

Group shot.
Left to Right: Hubby, Me, Buddy, Monkey, The fabulous Miss J, My brother, and BAM!
Missing from picture: Sister-in-law, who managed to avoid being
pictured in her red and white by being our official photographer.

In a pile, waiting for our table at the restaurant.
Monkey, Buddy, My Brother, Miss J, BAM! and Hubby


Playing in the grass.

My brother and his beeyooouuuteefilll family.

And a few more extraneous shots from their visit... Again Sister-in-law was usually the photog.

The guys (except Buddy).

Another of the cousins.

My nephew and niece. How cute are they?

Hope you enjoyed... I'm enjoying your blogs and I'm going to keep reading!




Sass E-mum said...

So THAT'S what you've been up to. And to think I was worried you'd not been having fun.

scrappysue said...

hey mel - it's nice to know you've been stopping by! have you considered putting in one of those new blogrolls like mine and working mum's. that way you can see right away who's updated (except me, coz blogger HATES me!, but i update most days anyway). then you can completely do away with google reader. it's easy to do!

gigi said...

Wow you have a great family and looks like yall were having some kind of fun.

Katie said...

Cute pictures! I guess that shirtless dude in the first one didn't get the memo about the red.

Working mum said...

Great fun!

I noticed you'd been catching up. I need to do the same myself - too busy enjoying myself (and decorating!)

The Nag said...

Wow! I guess I have been busy! Earlier today I was thinking that I wouldn't have been able to manage a blog when my boys were little. Hats off to you who do manage to turn out logs, good ones, and wrangle youngsters too.

Beck said...

Geez, you guys are cute lil' group of patriots!

Amanda said...

That Canada Day looks frighteningly similar to our 4th of July. Our Independence Day is celebrated because of our separation from England. What do you celebrate on Canada Day? I promise I'm not trying to be obnoxious, just curious.

Also, how way cute is your brother's little family?? Looks like fun was had by all? I'll bet there were fireworks involved? Yes?

Elaine A. said...

Thanks for the "shout out" girl! Glad to hear that you are still coming by. I'ved missed you! : )

What a beautiful family you have - those are some CUTE kids!!

Happy (way belated) Canada Day!!