June 12, 2008

What are Your Strengths?

One of the new blogs I've been reading, a garden of nna mmoy, linked to a "positive psychology" website, called Authentic Happiness where you can take some personality tests to find out various facts about yourself, such as how happy you are, or how close your relationships are... Frances (of a garden of nna mmoy) suggested taking the signature strengths test, which will provide you with your top five strengths.

Anyway, I did the test and this is what it told me my "signature strengths" are:

1. Humour and Playfulness
2. Curiosity and Interest in the World
3. Love of Learning
4. Creativity, Ingenuity, and originality
5. Kindness and Generosity.

Yup. So, what do you think... Sound like me? Or the me you know via the interwebs, anyway?

Your turn... What are your top five strengths?



scrappysue said...

oh i have to register before i take any of the tests! too hard! way behind with blogging. maybe later. you still have word verification up! make it go away - it'll be ok!!! lol

Beck said...

That was loooooong! But here ya go:
1. Love of learning
2. Spirtuality and sense of purpose and faith
3. Appreciation of beauty and excellence
4. Curiosity and interest in the wold
5. Gratitude

Quirky said...

Okay here's mine:

1. Humor/Playfulness
2. Love of Learning
3. Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence
4. Open Mindedness
5. Prudence

I took the short version...only 24 questions, but the same kind of results.