June 4, 2008


Okay then... Nobody knows what I was talking about when I put "Hello Polly!" into my yearbook write up back in 1993...

Except possibly for Gerbil, who correctly guessed that Polly was pining for the fjords.

"Hello Polly!" refers to a Monty Python sketch about a man who is trying to return a parrot to a pet shop. The parrot is dead but the pet shop owner insists it's not, it's simply pining for the fjords.

No parrots were harmed in the filming of this skit.
At least I hope not... I mean, I wasn't actually there, you know.

My best friend and I had a tape (this was before CDs) of the best of Monty Python that we used to listen to while driving around in the car... We were very cool. I was even more cool because I referred to it in my grad write-up... It's right there for prosperity.

Gerbil, for correctly guessing where "Hello Polly!" came from (although you didn't offer up your favourite Monty Python quote), if you'd like an eye-ball alien I'll be happy make one for you. I just need to know your colour preference & mailing address.

The rest of you, I really enjoyed your guesses. Thanks for playing along! And thanks for all of your birthday wishes!

And sorry for being so confusing with my "cryptic comments which no will ever understand..."




Sass E-mum said...

Oh nooooo. How could I have been so daft! Bring on another competition sometime soon. I'll try and redeem myself.

Nicole said...

Funniest. Python skit. EVER. You were clearly very sophisticated in high school (unlike yours truly who didn't come to appreciate such comic genius until much later in life).

Amanda said...

Congrats Gerbil!! That skit was HIlarious!!

Gerbil said...

how could I pick a single quote?? there's one for all occasions. although I did run through the Polly scene out loud as I was reading your post and then went on into ''I'll have spam, spam, spam, spam and spam. But I don't want spam.''

wheeee! I'll send you an email when I can get the real computer up and running.

Amanda said...

I know this is totally off the subject but did you somehow miss all of my New York talk? Maybe it was while you were moving. Anywho, I invited everyone to come join me for my 30th birthday in NY. How can we all meet up without Reluctant? I know you're a little further over, now, but come anyway. New York. October 6. Be there or be square.

tyketto said...

The favorite Monty Python skit in my house is The Spanish Inquisition. I had my kids watch it on You Tube and they now frequently quote it. I had not seen the Polly skit - quite funny.

Reluctant Housewife said...

The Spanish inquisition! I love that one... "Fear and surprise! Surprise and fear! Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition!"

And the comfy chair!

Too funny. You can watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gldlyTjXk9A

THE MOM BOMB said...

Oh.My.God. Were you one of those kids who could quote entire Monty Python sketches verbatim? Did you own a Dr. Who scarf? Did you actually wear it?

Um . . . I hung out with those kids.