May 1, 2008

Where Did She Go?

She said she was moving... and she was never heard of again!

Sorry for disappearing on you! Our stuff was picked up successfully on Friday, we stayed with family for a few days and then we started off in our little car cross country. We stayed in a hotel last night somewhere in Quebec and arrived in our new town today. We picked up our keys, we registered the boys for school, we did an important pick-up of study stuff for hubby, we bought a new couch and now we're hanging out in our hotel room. Our stuff is supposed to arrive at our new place on Saturday morning. Our couch is supposed to arrive on Saturday evening. Then we'll unpack and be all set.

My favourite cross country road trip moments:

Tucking Buddy into his booster seat in the car with his granny blanket, Pickle (his stuffed beaver), comic books, markers and paper, and snacks; and having him say, "Hey! It's all set up in here for me!"

Going through the tunnel in Montreal... The kids were so excited.

The banana bread my grandmother made for us.

Max proclaiming proudly, after having to take an emergency pee outside, "I pee like an elephant!"

Singing along with Buddy to I Feel It All:

Things I learned while driving across half of Canada:

Canada is very big.

Quebec is very, very big. Quebec is ridiculously big. Quebec is endless.

Quebec farmers appear to form their fields into mounds with small ditches in between. Ontario farmers appear to plow their fields flat.

St. Hubert is superior to Swiss Chalet, plus they have a playroom for the kids.

More soon... and, just as soon as the moving truck arrives with the cord to connect my cell to the computer, I'll have pictures!

Missed ya! Mwah!



Sass E-mum said...

Excellent. Great to hear your car strategy was so well received.

Quirky said...

"I pee like an elephant!" Too funny!

Congratulations on surviving your trip!

Working mum said...

Good to have you checking in. Still can't believe you've found time to! Good luck moving in. WM x

Elaine A. said...

Ok, Quirky stole my first line... darn. That totally cracks me up!! I take it he had to go pretty bad, huh?

Thanks for the video, the boys and I enjoyed the song.

Missed you too! Glad you are there safe & sound...

scrappysue said...

missed you - welcome back!!! glad the road trip went well. look fwd to the pics!

David said...

I love St Huberts as well

Amanda said...

Sounds like it is going great. I'm glad to hear it.
Texas is our giant horrible state. I shouldn't say it's horrible, I just didn't love it. It seemed endless. And those tumbleweeds that you see in cartoons, live in Texas.

Beck said...

Sounds like a great trip.
Swiss Chalet is one of our favorites because they have so many gluten-free options.

CC said...

Glad you got to your new place safely!!!! Interesting observation about the farming methods.

womaninawindow said...

Peeing like an elephant speaks relief! Whew, glad he made it in time! And Quebec. Ah, Quebec. So beautiful and so old.

Amanda said...

Glat you're back. Can't wait to see you again!! I guess you can have a little time to unpack and everything.

SaraLynn said...

Hope all is going well! I missed ya too!